A Closer Look at The 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster

The 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster is a limited edition convertible sports coup that is sure to turn more than a few heads as it Is driven down the road. We already know that only 750 people around the world will be lucky enough to potentially own this car. This is a soft top version of the already popular and fast selling Mercedes AMG Model. You will notice right away that one major difference with the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster is the option to drive down the road in the open air. This is thanks to the patented Mercedes Airscarf. You will also find that there is a ton of luxury added amenities to this car that makes it extra special. This includes an AMG Performance flat-boom steering wheel all the way to a cosmetic package designed just for night driving. Let us now take an even close look at the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster.

The Evolution of the AMG GT

The original Mercedes AMG GT first came on the scene about six years ago. Since that time, Mercedes has been working hard to introduce different varieties of this fantastic vehicle. The 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster is the latest model to come out, and it is going to be limited to just the 750 cars mentioned previously.

The soft top version of this GT R Coupe is dubbed by Mercedes as the top of line car within this model class. It looks almost like a twin to other coups made by this manufacturer. This means that it has a powerful 577 horsepower engine that is twin turbo and 4.0-liter V-8 system. You will also find that its suspension is the coil over variety, providing for a smoother ride on the open highway. There are adjustable dampers to wow you with, along with active rear steering and some active aerodynamic features. The top of the car itself contains a triple layer of fabric that has been stretched to fit over the frame. For its part, the frame is made out of aluminum, steel, and magnesium.

Other Notable Features

You will also find that the powertrain on the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster is almost the same as it is on the GT R. There are 516 pounds per feet of torque to amaze you with, revving the engine up at speeds between 2100 and 55 rpm. The engine itself makes use of the Sven speed dual clutch transmission that is included with this special vehicle. This does amount to more than 27 horsepower over what the GT C and GTC roadster models came with.

In order to get that much power going strong, the engine makes creative use out of some turbochargers. This gives off a boost from the control valve, and there is some engine management software installed within the vehicle to help the driver the maximum performance possible out of the vehicle. There are also some exhaust ports that have been added. You will find that the intake system is cooled by air via a two-stage water circuit that operates at a low temperature. No detail has been left out of the development of the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster. With the power generated by this car, you can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 3.5 seconds. The car has hit a top speed of 197 miles per hour in controlled test drives.

Built for Comfort

This might be a small car, but you will not feel that way once you are driving. The interior features alone give off the feeling of a luxury car much bigger than this one. You will find that Mercedes incorporated a number of standard features in the interior. You will get a flat bottom steering wheel. There is also the inclusion of a piano lacquer trim throughout the interior that gives it that extra special look that comes with such a limited edition vehicle.

One of the features that lucky 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster owners will notice is a badge numbered 1 to 750 located on the center console. This is a visual reminder of just how special you are if you happen to own one, as the number signifies that you are among the only 750 in the world to have the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster.

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