A Closer Look at The 2022 Zero FXE

Motorcycle riders are often looking for something unique. Many of them want a bike that stands out. The last thing they want is another cookie cutter motorcycle that looks just like everything else on the market and offers only mediocre performance. As such, they have a tendency to get rather excited when something new comes along, especially when it’s worthy of a second look. One of the more unique things to come out of the 2022 motorcycle lineup is Zero’s new FXE, a bike that looks like nothing else on the market and has a performance capability that is just as unique as its appearance.

A Bike That’s Built on Clean Design

For anyone wondering what makes this bike so unique, the most obvious thing is the fact that it’s all electric. This motorcycle is not powered by gasoline in any capacity, making it one of the foremost designs for anyone that is genuinely worried about reducing their carbon footprint on the planet. In addition, it’s a small bike, one that is much smaller than your typical Harley-Davidson or virtually anything else out there for that matter. As such, it’s almost perfect for people who live in large cities that are congested because it doesn’t take up half as much space as a larger motorcycle would. It also means that it is more maneuverable than the larger, heavier bikes. It doesn’t take much space when it comes to parking, either. Again, it makes it a good option for people that live in congested cities where space always seems to be at a premium.


Despite the fact that this is a small bike that’s all electric, it doesn’t lack when it comes to its ability to perform. In fact, it’s one of the more maneuverable motorcycles out there, having more than enough power to get the rider from one point to the next without any problems whatsoever. While it may not be as effective for long rides, it definitely works well as a commuter bike in larger, more metropolitan areas. Truth be told, this isn’t the type of bike that a person would use for long commutes anyway, so it fits its demographic almost perfectly. As long as there is a place to keep it charged, the rest is a piece of cake. This also cuts down on the cost that is required to maintain it, as riders aren’t constantly having to put gas in it. As far as the performance aspect is concerned, the motorcycle is capable of achieving 60 to 100 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 85 miles per hour. It’s also worth noting that according to the manufacturer, the bike takes just under 10 hours to be fully charged.

The Practical Side of Things

One of the things that makes this bike so appealing is that it doesn’t have to use any special charging station in order to be charged up. In fact, it uses a simple 110 volt electric plug that allows it to be charged from anyone’s own home. Furthermore, the company claims that the bike can be charged for almost nothing. To be more specific, they claim that the additional cost on someone’s electric bill to charge this bike fully is approximately $0.81. Granted, you would have to spend that amount on a daily basis if you’re running it enough to completely deplete its electric charge everyday, but that scenario is highly unlikely. Even if that is the situation you’re facing, it’s still cheaper than buying gas every time you turn around. In addition, the purchase price for this particular bike is less than most of the other gas-powered bikes out there. In fact, a brand new one can be purchased for a little more than $11,000. That’s not too shabby, especially when you compare it to a lot of traditional motorcycles that can easily cost $15,000 or more. Therefore, you’re not just reducing your carbon footprint on the planet with this bike, but you’re also keeping more money in your wallet because it costs less to purchase and operate over time.

Intentional Design

One of the things that Zero wanted to address is the fact that traditionally, electric bikes have been severely overpriced. More people are interested in purchasing these types of bikes than ever before, and there is no question that doing so is good for the planet. However, the relatively high purchase price that has typically been associated with electric motorcycles has precluded a number of people from making that purchase. That is precisely why Zero created the 2022 FXE. They wanted something that was both practical and financially feasible for the majority of the public. As such, they went to work to develop something that was both practical and affordable. The end result is the 20220 FXE.

Quality and Performance

Zero has always been known for producing motorcycles that are of high quality. They’ve never been short on creating something that’s capable of performing well, either. This particular bike is certainly no different. As a matter of fact, its overall design, coupled with the fact that it doesn’t weigh very much to begin with, often makes riders feel almost as if they’re riding on a small rocket as opposed to a motorcycle. There is not an inch of wasted space on this bike, making it one of the most innovative designs to come along in recent years. Furthermore, it’s solid and well-made, despite its small size. It genuinely seems to have something to offer for almost everyone, with the exception of those who are looking for a larger, heavier bike that is designed specifically for touring.

Throughout its existence, Zero has been known for pushing the envelope when it comes to design. It would be relatively safe to say that they’ve outdone themselves with this particular bike, but in all the best ways possible. It’s relatively easy to control, the ride is comfortable, and it is capable of getting riders from place to place in an efficient manner. It doesn’t cost a lot to purchase or operate and it’s a great option for anyone who is conscientious about their impact on the planet. As a result, most people would agree that Zero definitely has a winner on their hands with the new FXE.

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