A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 1 OG x Nike SB

Nike is taking us back in essence to the year 1985 when they released the very first Michael Jordan sneaker. This was a historical event for the brand. It was a leather constructed court shoe that quickly became popular with the skater crowd because of its durability and its protective attributes. With skater populations quickly on the rise during this era, a great many of Nike’s basketball focused shoes ended up on the feet of skaters because they worked so well for both sports. Now when you look at a new Nike court shoe you simply understand that it’s a dual purpose sneaker, at least if you’re a basketball player or a skater.

Moving forward to 2014, still considered recent history there was a crossover that took place between the Jordan brand and skateboarding when artist Craig Stecyk and Lance Mountain threw their hats into the ring and paired themselves to develop the Royal and Banned colorways with solid black and white paint that developed its own patina as it wore away through the passage of time. This was a testament to the durability of the materials of the shoes. This is what we’re going to see in concept in the versions forthcoming for 2019. A purple and yellow which change colors to black and red with a light bone colored edition with pink hues beneath are set to take the stage in the near future.

Construction of the two new versions

The Jordan brand has disclosed that the two new colorways are the revitalization of a cross category sneaker which will have separate release dates. You’ll see the SB tongue labels of Nike on each and they will maintain the Zoom Air insoles for comfort and performance that is up to currently established modern standards for the brand. Nike has a way of crafting a precision sneaker that gives the wearer the feeling of control by placing the cushioned padding in all of the right spots so it doesn’t hamper the feel of the court or the board beneath your feet which is vital for maintaining control in precision sporting applications. The lacing system is designed to allow you to create a custom fit with the desired amount of snugness without becoming too tight. This model will allow for ample ventilation to keep the feet from overheating and avoiding perspiration, which are definite pluses. Although they give a nod to the past, they are very much a modern design with all of the expected attributes thereof.

Air Jordan 1 OG x Nike SB

The released date for the court purple and black sail university gold model is set for May 25th of 2019. It will be offered for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $175 per pair. The Air Jordan 1 OG x Nike SB in the Light bone with black and crimson with a hyper pink tint is set for release on May 25th of 2019 for $175. We’ve been advised that more information about where you can pick up your pair of the new releases will be forthcoming from the brand as we get closer to the release date.

Final thoughts

Although the new Air Jordan 1 OG Nike SB in two new colorway releases are not labelled as limited editions, we have reason to believe that they’re going to be among the most highly anticipated model releases for the 2019 season. If this is a shoe that you want to own, we suggest keeping your eyes and ears open as we get closer to the release date. Nike has proven that even though the production numbers can be high for this type of special new design, the supplies often do not keep up with the consumer demand. We have a feeling that may well be the case for this new sneaker. It’s always best to be among the first in line when retailers offer them for sale on the shelves, before the first wave becomes depleted because it’s hard to say if and when a second production run will be released. Avoid paying more from online vendors who offer them for nearly double when the supplies begin to dwindle.

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