A Closer Look at the F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souveraine Vertical

F.P. Journe is a watchmaker that just celebrated the 20th anniversary of their tourbillon watch with a new edition they call the F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souveraine Vertical. The new masterpiece is a bit off the beaten track with what would be expected from them. In fact, the Souveraine Vertical is a timepiece that will take many off guard. The design team in charge of their latest creation must have been feeling particularly inspired because the Souveraine Vertical is perhaps the most unique example from the brand yet. It’s definitely one of the most complicated, and bears a closer look and careful inspection.

The case

We begin with an examination of the case. It’s crafted of your choice of platinum or 18k 6N rose gold material. The diameter of the round shaped case measures 42 mm with a thickness of 13.6 mm. This is one of those occasions where the dial is not really a dial at all.

The rather interesting dial

Instead, the main plate is what makes up the majority of what one would consider to be the dial. There is however, a sub-dial which is inset directly into the main plate and it displays the hours, the minutes and the seconds. The sub dial is a clever white enamel which offers a high degree of legibility in this unusual yet brilliant configuration. If we were to assign a color to the dial it would have to be Clous de Paris red gold base plate along with a white enamel for the sub dial. The indexes are Arabic numerals.

Sub dial and other features

Directly above the sub dial is the indicator for the power reserve. It precisely counts down the 80 hours of power reserve provided. If you look towards the left of the time, you’ll see the aperture that allows you to view the remontoire d’egalite mechanism which is busy at work. This affirms the chronometer of the timepiece. The tourbillon Next we turn our attention to the tourbillon which rotates faithfully in 30 second intervals. It’s placed in a position that is perpendicular to the case.

In a brilliant design move, the watchmakers responsible for the design flanked the aperture with mirrored rings on the back and on the front. This element serves to direct light toward the tourbillon cage. As if not complicated enough, a deadbeat seconds complication was also added. This complication was first seen in the 2003 edition of the Tourbillon Souverain. The movement The movement which powers the F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souveraine Vertical watch is a caliber 1519. It features the functions of seconds, minutes, hours, deadbeat seconds, a 30-second tourbillon, power reserve indicator and remontoire d’egalite with a diameter of 34.6 mm and a thickness of 10.86 mm. The movement is a manually wound type with 20 turns of the crown to achieve a full wind. The movement beats with 32 jewels at a frequency of 21,600 vph. Excluding the dial the watch is made of 230 components.

The strap

The strap is made of black alligator leather material. It fastens to the wrist with a deployant buckle or pin buckle in metals that match the case of the watch, available in both rose gold or platinum editions.

Pricing and availability

The Tourbillon Souverain Vertical takes the old traditional style and adds a new twist in quite the literal sense. It’s certainly not going to be everyone’s preference but it’s just new and refreshing enough to appeal to a more modern crowd who embrace duality of a classic with overtones of the contemporary when it comes to the styling. Both the platinum and rose gold editions are available for purchase through participating retailers or through the manufacturer. The rose gold edition is going for a price of just under $247,000 in USD and approximately $250,000 for the platinum variant.


Final thoughts

The F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain Vertical is the latest iteration of the line of watches which have become classics within the brand. The watch is a bold expression of the company’s desire to present its loyal with a refreshed version suitable for a new generation of watch enthusiasts, designed for those who enjoy a complicated luxury timepiece.

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