A Closer Look at the Frederique Constant Hybrid, Automatic Smartwatch

In a world where technology is quickly becoming the key ingredient for vitality and prosperity as well as making significant strides in several different aspects of society, it is only natural for many companies to delve in and enhance their products as well. Now, although we have seen the smart watch come to life through various other outlets and business propagandas, there has been nothing quite as unique and innovative as that if the Frederique Constant Hybrid Automatic Smartwatch. The Swiss watchmaking company has combined the contemporary technological movement of our world today with the sophistication and tradition that we see on watches all throughout the industry. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at this hybrid watch, and give you all of the details of what it hs to offer when compared to the touchscreens that we are so fond of in our society today. With that said, let’s get started.

Unique And ‘Timeless’ Design

As we mentioned before, we live in a world where touch screen smart watches are what the majority of the population know when they look at their typical smartwatch on the market. We often compare it to that of the smart phone and smart touch technology that is available to many as well. However, when looking at the Frederique Constant Hybrid Automatic Smartwatch, the first thing that you will notice is its traditional looking face. This hybrid watch has the smartwatch capabilities that we can see on various models through various watch making companies, but has the traditional analogue display that makes it appeal to more wearers.

Smartwatch Functions

The Frederique Constant Hybrid Automatic Smartwatch, as we mentioned previously, has the smartwatch functions that many look for nowadays with the classical look that appeals to many more. The majority of the smartwatch functions that are available on this watch are pretty typical for any smartwatch on the market — a classic clock with hours, minutes, seconds as well as the date, and another display that helps with sleep monitoring, world times, activity tracking, and the ability to display health advice for the active wearer always on the go. This watch is also unique in that has a self winding in house movement. It is also patented with a shield to help the mechanical aspects of the watch from getting magnetized by the smartwatch module that is located in the watch as well.

A Watch Of Many Styles

As we have said previously in this article, this is a watch that can appeal to anyone and everyone with its unique functionality along with its classic watch design. Along with this basic detailing with the watch itself, the Frederique Constant Hybrid Automatic Smartwatch also come in four different styles to accommodate any taste. This includes three styles that are plated with stainless steel, while the fourth is plated with rose gold for a more elegant look. The face of the clock features Brueget style hands along with Roman numerals for the numbering. However, one of the watch styles that is available has the appearance of a more sporty watch, featuring lance shaped hands instead that follow hour marks as opposed to roman numerals. The watch comes in a wooden box and also comes with a removable charger for those times that you need it on the go. The watch typically will need to be plugged into its charger every seven days, give or take.


With its many similarities to the Horological Smartwatch that was released back in 2015, we are seeing that this may indeed be the new wave of technology, especially when it comes to smart watches in general. With its classically designed face along with its technologically advanced functionality, it makes it quite unique for watch wearers all across the world. This convergence that we are seeing in the watchmaking industry is exactly the type of advancement that makes our world so unique, and so innovative to the times that are at hand. We have concluded our in depth look at the new Frederique Constant Hybrid Automatic Smartwatch, and hope to see more innovative adaptations of this sort making their way into the industry and into markets all across the world in years to come.

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