A Closer Look at The Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Magic

When it comes to watches, Swiss made has been the standard for so long. While it started in 1980, Hublot is still a fairly young company compared to other greats in the luxury watch industry. The company is known to attract a different demographic compared to the older luxury watch brands. Hublot has the reputation for attracting the rich young, new money, and everything else that is hip and luxurious at the same time. Their designs are more progressive and vibrant, and they’ve done it again with their latest in luxury. Let’s talk about Hublot’s Big Bang Unico Red Magic.

The Big Bang Unico line has been around for a while. It has a distinct style and design, featuring a titanium case and a rubber band. The Big Bang Unico typically comes in neutral colors of black, white, gray, bluish gray, tan, gold, etc. There have also been specialties Big Bang Unico in the past such as the Golf, the Ferrari, and the King Power versions.

For the first time in its manufacturing history, Hublot is taking a bold step towards color. Instead of the usual muted tones, Hublot is releasing a watch that will be mostly made out of red ceramic. Hublot actually patented this new ceramic material, which is tougher, stronger, and richer in color compared to what they’ve used in their watches previously. While we’ve seen the ceramic before in one of the Ferrari watches, this is the first time that Hublot is encasing the entire watch with the red ceramic material. It’s definitely a bold move for the brand, and it is an absolutely stunning timepiece. Hublot is releasing only 500 pieces of this limited edition Unico chronograph, but we expect that Hublot will release variations in the future.

The difference, according to Hublot, is not just in the color of the ceramic. The ingenuity is in the process of how the bright red ceramic is made. Hublot has done some blues before, but there’s something special about the brightness of this red Unico. The process Hublot uses for sintering the ceramic is different; it not only makes the ceramic stronger; it also prevents the color to dull out while it is being heated through. This can be a completely new direction for Hublot to take and even for some other watch manufacturers. Avid watch fans value the luxury of brands but as well as the integrity of the products as well. We can see that Hublot is trying to push the envelope towards better watch materials altogether. With their resources, they can literally take the industry towards an even better future in watch manufacturing and design.

So the Big Bang Unico Red Magic is not the one for subtlety. This watch is big, and it is also brightly red. There’s no hiding this watch once it’s on your wrist; everyone will surely notice it. That may not be your cup of tea, but if you want a watch that’s unique and one-of-a-kind, there’s no doubt that the Red Magic might be a good fit. The watch is 45mm in diameter and has a thickness of 15.45mm. The face dial has been stripped down to the bones while accents of red have been added on top. The red numbers are displayed in alternating Arabic and baton form. The lume applied on the dials are made out of black luminescent material. The straps are made out of black and redlined rubber, while the buckle is made with black PVD titanium. The Red Magic has a water resistance capability of up to 100 meters. However, we wouldn’t just take it out to get wet, probably mainly because it’s a Hublot, and Hublot’s are expensive.

Hublot hasn’t released a set price for the Big Bang Unico Red Magic just yet. However, being that it’s a limited edition piece, you can probably expect the price to be just a little higher. Stock UNICO watches sell anywhere from $14k to about $19k, while specialty and limited edition UNICO watches can sell anywhere from $19k to $99k and above. We can probably expect the Red Magic to be anywhere in the middle of that, especially with the patented ceramic material.

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