A Closer Look at the Ming 19.02 Worldtimer

The Ming watchmakers have announced the arrival of their latest endeavor that will feature a new movement. As though this isn’t exciting enough on its own, they’ve also designed a new complication in the new timepiece that they have titled the Ming 19.02 Worldtimer. The brand has come a long way since it first arrived on the scene of horological competition as a newcomer. This watch follows in the footsteps of the first collection called the Ming 17.01 that was revealed in the Fall of 2017.

Minimalist but deceptive

The aesthetics of the 19.02 Worldtimer are deliberately sparse and gives little indication of the wondrous complications that exist beneath the surface. The functions are displayed in small details that further minimize the look of the dial yet they’re present in a legible and balanced form that creates a circular pattern. The Worldtimer does far more than present dual timezones, it gives you the perspective of time for the world. It’s quaint that a powerful watch that provides such amazing complication is presented in such a simple manner. It must be a part of the mystique of the watch that makes it seem so very exotic and highly desired. It’s one of those rare gems that captures the attention because of its minimalism and it holds the gaze, making it worthy of a much closer look and inspection.

The case

The round case is made of grade 5 titanium and measures 39 mm in diameter with a thickness of 11.22 mm. The case features a polished finish on the front case. The case back is sculpted to reveal the wonderful complications of the inner mechanics of the watch. It is covered with a sapphire crystal that gives observers a close look at the movement. The case back has a brushed finish and engravings that provide information about the specifications.

The dial

The dial is set with a black background that further gives a sparse feeling to the watch. There is an absence of 12 hour numerals but there is a cross hair provided for estimating the time. The various time zones have been placed around the edge of the outer section with a smoked black tone with 24 of them neatly placed. A sapphire crystal caps the watch. For contrast white letters and numbers are placed against black sapphire for a magnificent appearance. When you flip the watch over you can catch a glimpse of rose plating on the movement.

The movement

The movement that powers the Ming 19.02 Worldtimer is a caliber ASE220.1. For the sake of aesthetics and display, the plating of the movement is hand finished in rose gold and features hand drawn flanks and bevels. It is the creation of Schwarz-Etienne with skeletonized bridges and for additional weight, a sintered tungsten micro-rotor. It is a bidirectional automatic winding type and a high mass micro-rotor. The functions of the movement are hours, minutes and world time.

Price and availability

he Ming 19.92 Worldtimer is offered at a price of CHF 10,900. You may also pre-order the watch for a discount and pay $9,900 if your order is placed prior to March 31, 2019. There has not yet been a release date released. It is certified to be waterproof up to 50 meters and offers a power reserve of a generous seventy hours.

Final thoughts

This watch is a unique example of what can be accomplished with inspiration. The use of tone and sparsity are used to create a unique personality that the Worldtimer presents. It’s a one of a kind and it really must be seen to be fully appreciated. There is something about the worldtime feature to the outside of the dial that gives it an exotic presence. Although somewhat played down, the small yet brilliantly contrasting white letters and numerals on the outer worldtime are a nice touch that gives the watch distinction. It’s almost as much of a treat to flip the watch over and gaze long and hard at the brilliantly crafted movement for which no expense was spared. From the wonderful display of the complications to the rose gold plating and other marks of fine craftsmanship, it truly is a work of art and innovation.

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