A Closer Look at the Moritz Grossmann ATUM GMT

Every once in a while a watch that delivers a special aura appears. There is something intriguing about the design that catches the eye and holds the attention of the observer. This is the case with the Moritz Grossmann ATUM GMT. The timepiece has an earth aesthetic that feels natural and more like a work that wold be found in nature. Moritz Grossman has done it again with the announcement of a new addition to the ATUM line in a choice of three variations. The white gold with argente dial, the white gold with champagne dial and the rose gold version with argente dial. The watch requires a much closer look and inspection.

The case

We begin with an examination of its round case. The materials used for the case are white gold or rose gold, depending on the variation you choose. The case measures 41 mm in diameter and 11.85 in thickness. The lugs are short and like the case, are completed with a polished finish. The same materials and treatment have been applied to the crown, for winding and setting the time. The bezel is thin and made of polished white gold or rose gold as you wish.

The dial

The dial features a step in texturing with the center exhibiting a sunburst pattern. Each of the three models are adorned with a 240 hour chapter ring. There is no date, but the GMT display consists of a circular sub dial placed at the 6 o’ clock position of the dial. The hands of the dial are lance shaped and annealed in dark brown. All three variations come with stainless steel hands with a polished finish. The indexes are applied with gold hour markers and Arabic numerals.

The movement

The movement is a caliber 100.8 in a manual winding style that beats at a frequency of 3 Hz at 18,000 vph. There are 26 jewels with three of them in screwed gold chatons. The diameter of the movement is 36.4 mm with a thickness of 5.55 mm. The power reserve is approximately 42 hours. The functions are hours, minutes, small seconds and the 24 hour GMT. The movement is an in house creation by Moritz Grossmann and it’s made with fine German silver and hand engraved cantilevered balance cock with raised gold chatons. Finishing is everything to the watchmaker and they’ve not left a single detail undone. This is a special movement that is not only accurate and precise n keeping time, it’s also crafted with great detail to the aesthetics with quality luxury materials that increase its overall worth.

The strap

The strap is made of genuine alligator leather. It is fastened to the wrist with a prong style buckle with hardware that matches the material of the watch. It is well worth noting hat the alligator leather of the strap is hand stitched.

Pricing & Availability

The new Moritz Grossman ATUM GMT wrist watch is set to be available for purchase at some time later in the year. The watch maker is not yet disclosing any other details, nor have they set a hard release date. This means that you’ll need to keep your ears to the ground to be among the first to get one for yourself. The price is believed to be around $29,200. We’re hoping that the brand will make a formal announcement with more details sometime in the near future.

Final thoughts

Moritz Grossmann is a fine watchmaking company and the quality of the watches that they produce is nothing short of phenomenal. There is something special about he 1921 that makes you feel comfortable and at home. At first glance, there is something about the watch that catches the eye and holds your attention firmly. This is a high end luxury watch that is suitable for dressy occasions or for casual. The use of premium materials and careful craftsmanship are time consuming when done right. This example of the ATUM line is no exception. It is made by a brand that takes pride in delivering the finest in performance and aesthetic in their collection of luxury watches. Soon, the ATUM GMT will be ready for ownership in three variations.

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