A Closer Look at the Mustang-based Rocket Super Muscle Car

Some things turn out just great, and even surpass the expectation of those who engineered them. Such was the experience that Henrik Fisker and Galpin Auto Sports got when they launched the Galpin Rocket. The car with an engine rating of 725-horsepower is based on the sixth-generation Mustang from Ford Motor Company. It was launched during the 2014 Los Angeles auto show; it became an instant hit, so much that Amazon featured it in the first episode of “The Grand Tour”. While you can still buy it, they have added it to the VLF lineup, and will be manufactured by VLF from now on. Moreover, to recognize this significant transition, they renamed it VLF Rocket V8.

Before the partnership materialized, Henrisk Fisker was often seen driving the vehicle in Southern California for two years. During that time, Galpin Motors continued to search for a suitable partner who would allow them to meet the international demand, and implement the car’s fine-tuned design. VLF seemed to have offered them the best deal, and they are set to make the car a huge success locally and internationally.

VLF is an American Automotive company that deals with sports cars. The company was founded by Bob Lutz, who was a vice chairman at General Motors, Gilbert Villarreal, who is a distinguished manufacturer and entrepreneur, as well as Henrik Fisker, who is a legend, thanks to his great automotive designs. VLF was chosen for multiple reasons among the capacity to manufacture quality sports cars. They have their manufacturing headquarter in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and a design and technology center in Los Angeles.

However, that does not mean Galpin is out of the picture, in fact, they are still the exclusive dealers of the VLF Rocket V8 in California. VLF plans to appoint other dealers in the rest of the states, and if the car continues to be a hit, in other countries as well. According to Galpin’s boss Beau Boeckmann, they chose to work with VLF because of the demand for the car outside the United States. He also added that VLF would allow them to achieve fast volumes of the car’s limited production.

A Closer Look at the Mustang-based Rocket Super Muscle Car

The Rocket V8 was designed to be the ultimate American muscle car, thanks to its supercharged 725-hp engine. The engine is an upgrade of the Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter V-8, and to ensure that most of the power goes to propelling the car, the car was given several bodywork upgrades. The bodywork upgrade is a combination of classic styling and modern materials such as carbon fiber. The styling came specifically from the 1968 Shelby GT500, and in general from the pony cars of the 1960s and 1970s.

Some of the unique features of its carbon fiber body include muscular and sculpted cues such as flared fenders, rear spoiler, front splitter, as well as an enlarged rear diffusers, among other sporty features. To maintain a downward force at high speeds, they used a diffuser and aero skirts made of carbon fiber. Other notable features are the mirror covers and hood stripes made of carbon fiber. It also comes with options such as custom paint, Brembo brakes, and full leather interior, which include Italian leather seats, door panels, center console, and a deck panel at the rear. It runs on customized 21-inch wheels, which are fitted with Pirelli tires.

VLF announced that it will first offer buyers the Rocket V8 as a coupe, but will later offer a convertible as well. If you have not seen convertible design yet, it was previewed during the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. While VLF has not announced how much the car will go for, it has given an estimated base price of $120,000.

Overall, the Mustang-based Rocket super muscle car is designed to be a quality sports car. You can drive to work, and still get the feeling of being able to floor it on a racetrack. You may also find it thrilling that only a limited number of these will be produced. Moreover, owning one at this point will make you be among the first proud owners of the VLF Rocket V8 model. With that in mind, if you are into mustangs, this one should definitely be in your list of best cars to watch in 2018.

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