A Closer Look at the Nike Air Max 95

Nike has been rolling out their new models for 2019 and as spring is fast approaching, it’s time to turn our thoughts to a little more color to brighten up the landscape. The new Nike Air Max 95 has recently been announced for its March 2019 release date and it’s light and airy appeal is enough to dispel the grey and snowy days of winter and replace them with a fresh new outlook on the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Out with the old and in with the new and the Air Max 95 colorway couldn’t have picked a better time to make its appearance on the scene.

What you can expect

The vibrant new colorway features a chunky bright white sole that is quite striking as a contrast to the upper. The mid-sole if ornately decorated with a transparent red insert towards the heel and red inserts with clear round transparent circles near the toe lend an interesting and attractive aesthetic. The toe is neatly capped in black and so is the heel. Closer to the top of the upper we see a mesh material that adds a high degree of ventilation and breath-ability. This means that the new Nike Air Max 95 allows your feet to breathe to help cut down on overheating and sweating when you’re really active. The black of the heel gradually fades into a stripe of lime green sandwiched with a stripe of black, and on the bottom, a layer of vibrant solar red to add a festive note to the appearance.

The tongue leaves no doubt about the model or the brand with the unique Air Max Branding that is boldly displayed in this area for all to see. On the heel, they’ve placed a badge of the Nike swoosh in a small and subtle logo that is a bit understated but it’s there.

The comfort factor

If appearances are any indicator of comfort we can tell you that that the 2019 Air Max 95s won’t sacrifice a bit of their former comfort. They offer a substantial build and although they have a stout and sturdy look, this model will still feature the support, cushioned comfort, arch and heels support and all of the other amenities that have made it a favorite among the many Nike models offered in their vast lineup. They also offer the arch support which allows your feet to move more naturally within the shoe and thanks to the laces, you can adjust the level of tightness to achieve a perfect fit on your feet for maximum performance.

Price and availability

The new Nike Air Max 95 is slated for a release date sometime in March of 2019, which means the release is looming any day. Although Nike has not specified a date, we know that just as spring is around the corner, we’re betting the release will beat the warm weather. The lack/While-Volt-Solar Red colorway is set to be offered at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $170 per pair. This isn’t scheduled to be a limited release edition so we’re fairly confident that you’ll be able to find them at your local authorized Nike representative.

Final thoughts

As always, when Nike announces that there will be a new release it’s a good idea to be among the first in line to guarantee that you get yours at the lowest possible price. You’ll find them at a variety of brick and mortar retailers who carry Nike brands as well as through a variety of online vendors. A word of caution though. Avoid paying inflated prices for these Nike new releases as some vendors like to buy them up in mass quantities. As supplies begin to dwindle and the demand is still high, retailers who have stockpiled them will post them for sale on their web stores and auction sites for prices that can go up to and beyond double of the original retail price. We have no way of knowing or predicting if this will be the case for the new Air Max 95, but we’d be remiss not to throw out a word of warning.

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