A Closer Look at the Nike Presto Fly World

Nike Air Presto has added another construction to its collection through the Fly World that joins other constructions such as Mid Utility and Presto Tent. It is a bit different from the first construction of the model in that it has a new Presto tongue logo, re-invented quarter paneling and re-invented, mesh midfoot cage. It has however maintained its minimal silhouette but enhanced its durability by using a more advanced material for its upper. It also has a Flywire lacing that ensures to keep your feet in place. To give you a complete insight, let’s take a closer look at the Nike Presto Fly world.


The shoe is supposed to feel like a t-shirt; therefore the outsole was designed in such a way that it still protects the wearer without compromising the flexibility and comfort. The outsole, therefore, is a rubberized pod pattern along the underfoot, which enhances durability and traction. The outsole is also lightweight so that the shoe maintains a minimal weight. It is made of a reinforced material which is not only strong but also lasts long. Adding to the shoe’s flexibility is the outsole which comes lined with flex grooves.


Nike aimed at lightweight shoes, therefore, the midsole is extremely lightweight and adaptive, but that does not get in the way of cushioning your feet and keeping you comfortable. It has an Airsole Midsole foam which protects the wearer by absorbing shock making it an excellent choice for runners or those who spend most of their time standing. Regardless of the height of your arches, the midsole adapts to the feet of the wearer thus offering you maximum customizable support. The sneakers are therefore able to provide support to the natural gait cycle of a runner.


This part is the one that has the most noticeable changes from previous models. Nike removed the cage that surrounded the midfoot and added a mesh that is not only breathable but stretchy to help the wearer slide in the shoe without a struggle. The Flywire cables eliminate unwanted movement which could lead to blisters.


Just like the previous models, the Fly Presto World puts the wearer’s satisfaction at the top by making sure that it fits like a slipper. The only difference that unlike a slipper, the sneaker makes it easier to walk far distances. Do some light running or cross-training activities. Besides, the fly Presto World is breathable thanks to the upper mesh material which helps to prevent your feet from sweating and bad smell. The upper is also stretchy so putting the shoes ion has been made easier. Also, the fact that is has been dubbed “T-shirt for your feet” is due to its lightweight construction, so you do not have to feel like you are lifting a weight off the ground whenever you are in your sneakers.

The arch support in the midfoot area goes a long way to facilitate your comfort. It has a nice cushion, and if you are buying it for the light running exercise you will be undertaking, you will be pleased by how the sole grips and the space around your toe area.


Shoes are no longer just for protecting our feet from scorching or soggy grounds; they have become a fashion statement, and with these Nike sneakers, you will upgrade your style to have everyone admiring and complimenting you. It is not just great-looking; it enhances your style by coming in colorways that you can pair with different outfits for that awesome look. It is the kind of shoe that shows how you can mix fashion and sports and still have heads turning.


No one wants to be heading to the store now and then to buy a new pair of shoes because the one they had is too worn out to wear. Nike feels for its customers and therefore has put rubber soles on the sneakers to ensure they can serve your feet for quite a long time.

Final verdict

Nike is a responsive company that always listens to its customers and through the Nike Presto Fly World, it has gotten rid of the complains that the previous models attracted and replaced them with features that make the shoe more appealing. With a shoe that is breathable, durable, stylish, comfortable, lightweight among other attractive features, the Nike Presto Fly world is sure to have a fan craze the minute it hits the shelves.

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