A Closer Look at the Nike Vapormax 3 “Flash Crimson”

Like all Nike models, the VaporMax 3 line has been popular from the get-go. In Nike and sports shoe fan circles, the buildup to the release date on the Flash Crimsons was intense. These kicks are the women’s counterpart to the already highly praised Blue Fury for men. The highly anticipated Flash Crimson was a runaway success from the moment they dropped. Perhaps it is coincidental that they came out right after International Women’s Day sporting a red sole (red is the color of International Women’s Day). Nike hasn’t commented on it, but regardless these shoes are powerful and beautiful like the women who wear them so the analogy and timing work.

It’s hard to find any shoe lover who doesn’t own at least one pair of Nikes. The company has been putting out quality shoes since 1964, though back then they were called Blue Ribbon Sports. It wasn’t until 1971 that they officially became “Nike,” named after the Greek goddess of victory. Naturally, they have never looked back, but they continue to dominate in their field, to no ones’ surprise. After more than half a century, Nike knows what people want and they deliver.


The Flash Crimson has been compared to the South Beach colorway. Additionally, the heel pulls and tongue tabs of the new Flash Crimson have a South Beach feel to them, but without being a copycat. South Beach, which dropped in 2010, featured highly contrasting aqua blues with a radiant pink tone that was evocative of summer in Florida. The sunset on a beach feel was as popular as its’ namesake, so the comparison sets the bar fairly high.

Flash Crimsons sport a stunning interwoven shades of ‘Flash Crimson’, ‘Blue Fury’, ‘Cool Grey’ and black make for a very striking and rich appeal. The kinship between the colors is apparent, but Flash Crimson has a visual style all it’s own that feels a bit more urban than the coastal color scheme and beach appeal of South Beach colorway. The red sole is a divergence from anything thus far released in the VaporMax 3 line, but it’s well chosen and helps the Flash Crimson show off its’ own worthy designation.


How a shoe feels from the sole up is a huge deciding factor when you try them on. They certainly don’t call these “VaporMax,” for no reason. The soles sport VaporMax technology to help keep a spring in wearers’ steps and give the whole line an extra airiness and lift when you step into them. It’s hard to fault the lightness both in feel and in terms of the actual weight. Flash Crimsons don’t weigh you down, so they’re appropriate for daily wear and most activities unless you absolutely require a solid base or something specialized like a steel toe.


When it comes right down to ventilation, nothing beats the breathability of knits. Nikes’ Flyknits are famous for their cool wear and airy feel. Fans of the style have compared it to wearing nothing at all or wearing only a comfortable pair of socks. The movement in the VaporMax 3 line is a huge part of its appeal and success. Overall, the wearability of the Flash Crimsons hold on to all those qualities and blend seamlessly into the rest of the line while maintaining their own external color personality.

The Downside

With so much to love, you may wonder if there’s a catch. The answer is ‘not really,’ though there will always be a few naysayers. Most wearers love their Flash Crimsons and wouldn’t trade them for anything. The few squeaky wheels say that there isn’t as much cushion as they’d like, or the low tongues and laces don’t keep feet securely in the shoes. A few complaints of heel slippage crop up as well, but most of those things seem easy enough to remedy. It’s not totally unreasonable to speculate that some wearers might not have on the correct size given the particular nature of the complaints.


If you only pick up only one pair of Nikes this spring, the Flash Crimson should be at the top of your list. From the vivid hues, and low silhouette to the incredible breathability they are built for comfort, style, and flexibility. The whole line of VaporMax 3’s are worth the price for the durability and versatility built into them. You’ll feel bouncy, and buoyant when you walk around on the bubble sole technology. There are plenty of reasons Nike stays on top of the shoe game, the Flash Crimson is just one more addition to the long list of their successes.

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