A Closer Look at the Romain Gauthier Prestige HMS Stainless Steel

Romain Gauthier is a watchmaker that isn’t one of the larger or older established companies but the timepieces that are produced smack of high quality, luxury and they are truly unique. The latest offering that showed up at SIHH 2019 is being announced as the revelation of a great secret that has been kept from the public until its time had arrived. The Romain Gauthier Prestige HMS Stainless Steel is one of he most remarkable and unique wrist watches that we’ve seen in some time. It’s definitely a show stopper that merits a close look and inspection.

The case

The case of the watch is made of stainless steel material in a round style that measures 43 mm in diameter and a depth of 12.1 mm. It’s a larger watch, but fits comfortably on the wrist. The case and the lugs are brilliant in their brushed finish which compliments the matching lugs. The bezel adds an element of contrast with a brightly polished finish that resembles a mirror and adds a bit of flash.

When you flip the watch over you get a special treat with the stainless steel case back which is more of a brushed stainless steel rim that is screwed down to hold the delicate movement into place. The case back offers a full view of the inner mechanical workings of the watch with a complete cutaway. A sapphire crystal protects the movement while providing onlookers with a spectacular and intriguing view of the mechanism that powers the Romain Gauthier Prestige HMM Stainless Steel. There is a flat style crown on the back.

The Dial

The dial is one of the most spectacular elements of the watch. It’s is meteor dial that is made of one of the most precious elements that is from out of this world. The dial adds a subtle element of bling that is not gaudy, yet at the right angle it does present a nice play of light in the pattern of the dial. Each watch is unique and will have its own distinct dial pattern which in essence makes each of them a one of a kind. The meteorite that is used to make the dial has been sourced from the northern part of Australia and it is a rare material. The dial was kept simple with three hands that display the seconds, hours and minutes. The layout of the dial is non-traditional and it features a register for the hours and minutes to the right and the register for sub seconds overlapping the hours and minutes register near the five o’ clock position. The hour markers are applied with a small size in white gold which show up nicely against the blackened hands. It is worth noting that both have been filled with Super LumiNova to give them the maximum legibility, particularly in low light environments.

The movement

The Prestige HMS is powered with a caliber 2206 HMS movement which makes use of a flat crown that has been inset into the back of the case. What makes this movement so unique is the deeply angled beveling along with the application of black which is brushed or polished with the greatest of attention paid to each small detail of the movement. The functions of the movement are hours, minutes and seconds

Pricing and availability

The Romain Gauthier HMS Meteorite is the first of its kind to be offered by the Indie watchmaker. This very special watch is being made under a strict limit of only 10 pieces in total, making it a limited edition. The watch is rare from the moment of its release and it is destined to become a true collector’s piece from day one. The price of the watch before taxes will be CHF 68,000.

Final Thoughts

Every once in a while a very nice surprise presents itself. From a smaller watchmaker, a timepiece featuring a very rare meteor dial emerges. The face of the dial is one of the most unique by its very nature and it’s truly a dial that is not of this world. The lucky owner will have something that represents worlds beyond our own in the special meteor dial that made its way to the earth for inclusion in this exclusive limited collection.

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