A Closer Look at the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Manual Winding Collection Excellence Platine

Vacheron Constantin watch makers have made an addition to their collection of Traditionnelle Manual Winding watches in an example that is made nearly in completion in the precious material platinum. The brand saw fit to design a new watch that embraces exceptional quality and craftsmanship in a simple styling. The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Manual Winding Collection Excellence Platine is the title bestowed upon their latest creation which has been in the works and under tight wrap by the creators until the time was suitable for its announcement and unveiling.

Vacheron launched the Collection Excellence Platine watches in 2006, designated as a special series which would receive a new member to the family on occasion with all of them bearing the notation of being a limited edition which is steadfast in maintaining a tight focus upon platinum and the amazing feats which can be accomplished through working with this medium. This magnificent new addition to the collection is highly deserving of a closer look and a careful inspection to give the world an idea of what is soon to come.

The case

The case of the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Manual Winding Collection Excellence Platine is round and crafted of platinum. It measures 38 mm in diameter with a thickness of 7.77, giving the watch a slimmer profile. It is our sincere belief that this was a necessity because of the heft that the copious amounts of platinum deliver to the overall weight of the watch. When you turn the watch over, it’s a brilliant experience to behold that the case back bears a series of sophisticated engravings that indicate a few of the specifics and point to the fact that the movement is Swiss Made. A solid outline in platinum encircles the partly exposed areas of the movement wheels and a few of the other mechanics with plating screwed over the top, then topped with a protective flat sapphire crystal which provides an exceptional view. The crown is no exception to the rule, also made of platinum material.

The dial

The dial of the watch is a classic design that features a mirror polished finish for the bezel that is made of platinum. The dial is also made of platinum and it bears a white contrasting backdrop for the indexes which stand out with high legibility. the hour markers are crafted of polished white gold along with the three hands. It’s important to note that the hands, upon close inspection are faceted ever so delicately which presents an interesting detail that is worth pointing out. Each hand has the appearance of a dark and a light half in nearly any type of lighting and angle.

The movement

The mechanical wonder powering this watch is the in house Vacheron Constantin Caliber 4400 AS. It’s a manual winding style Genevois movement styled in a traditional and classical sense with its Cotes de Geneve finish and swooping bridges with sharp engraving. The hand wound caliber features a power reserve of 65 hours and beats at 4 Hz, with the Geneva seal. It is partially visible through the partially revealing case back. The functions are hours, minutes and seconds.

The strap

The strap seems as simple as he dial of the watch but this is in appearance only. The leather strap features platinum stitching along with platinum for the buckles that hold the watch firmly to the wrist. The watch is a festival and celebration of the glory of platinum and it will soon take its place beside the other members of the series as their newest sibling.

Pricing and availability

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Manual-Winding Collection Excellence Platine has been scheduled for a release to the public sometime in April or May of 2019. The precise date has not yet been locked down. This will be an extremely limited production run and there will only be a total of 75 pieces made available. The retail price will be set at $35,200 per watch. This places the new watch in the same category as the other timepieces in the Traditionnelle collection as a highly collectible piece that is already considered to be rare from the moment it is released for sale to those who are fortunate enough to be the first in line to get theirs.

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