A Closer Look at the Yamaha YZ125

Yamaha has kept up with the competition in grand style over the past decade serving casual riders and the motocross community of racers with updated bikes and something new each year. It’s become a tradition. The 2022 edition of the brand’s YZ125 is set to drop to offer Yamaha fans a chance to experience the evolution in technology that the brand has been working on for the past year. Yamaha Motor Corporation USA is expanding its lineup of two-stroke motocross bikes with a new update to the YZ125 that represents significant changes to the model that riders will find intriguing. With competition among the brands high, each niche market is in line to receive an infusion of the latest technologies emerging from the research and development division.

Overview of the updated 2022 Yamaha YZ125

Cycle News provides a first look at the pending release of the new year model of the YZ125. It will also offer the YZ85LW with a 16-inch rear wheel and a 19-inch front wheel. We’re going to see the motocross lineup evolve with a host of updates from premium embedded graphics to new styling in the bodywork, a more powerful engine, updates in the ergonomic, breaks and suspension, and more. This is a big deal for Yamaha because it’s been a decade and a half since we’ve seen this degree of change. The updates are what Yamaha needed to put them back at the top of the two-stroke racing bike market. The Yamaha YZ125 will be available in the YZ85 and the YZ85LW editions for better off-road performance and a larger feel for riders. Engineers extended the length of the swingarm and made the intake design more efficient. The swingarm and subframe are made of lightweight aluminum materials and they updated the rear brake master cylinder.

Additionally, the seat is new and more modern and the YZ gets premium graphics to reflect the racing heritage of the brand which is arguable, unmatched. It joins the lineup with a new version of the bike that has created a championship-winning platform for the Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing team. Yamaha is all about growing their crop of young riders who will eventually graduate to the larger 250 bikes, and next, the 450 racing class. It has to start somewhere and the 125 is a standard for young riders who are in the process of building their riding and competitive skills on the track. The YZ two-strokes are essential in the development of these young riders who will be the champions of tomorrow. It’s all about potential and giving young riders the tools to hit the track and compete with the best possible performance features. A blend of user-friendliness for young riders and top-notch performance in class is a winning combination.

A closer look at the 2022 Yamaha YZ125

The new YZ125 marks a pivotal point in the evolution of Yamaha’s two-stroke line. We continue with the new liquid-cooled 125cc engine that is more powerful. It’s designed to crank out more power in the mid to high rpm range with enhanced fueling and delivery of power. It’s endowed through a throttle position sensor, and a Hitachi Astemo Keihin PWK386 carburetor, along with a CDI unit that is 3D map-controlled for improved rideability and a crisp throttle response. Updates in the intake design draw more air into the engine to boost power in the high range.

Ultramotorcycle confirms that every part of the engine is new from the cylinder and cylinder head, piston, piston pin, connecting rod, and crankcase. The carbon-fiber reed valve, called the Moto Tassinary VForce4 is a notable upgrade. The exhaust system has received a new muffler with a shorter length, and a new expansion chamber. The gear ratios of the transmission have been reworked with wider gear teeth for improved lasting power during hard track racing. Damping action has also been improved with a new leaf spring in the mid-speed valve for a more comfortable ride with less bottoming. The sprocket and chain have been lightened from the previous year’s model, as well as a trim to the diameter of the rear disc from 5 mm to 240mm without loss of braking ability.

Improved ergonomics

The overall styling has received significant changes with a narrowing of the radiator shrouds and the 1.8-gallon fuel tank. It gets a flatter seat with smoother body panels with a two-position mounting capacity for personalizing the fit of the handlebars. The slimming of the bike will make it easier to control. Yamaha’s 2022 edition of the YZ125 will feature new fork internals with revised damping settings and reduced rear-wheel unsprung weight. The seat height is 38.6 inches with a ground clearance of 14.4 inches and a wet weight of 209 pounds.


The 2022 Yamaha will be offered at a starting price of $6899 for the stock version of the bike. Those who want to go all the way can choose the Team Yamaha Blue Monster Energy Racing Edition of the bike for an additional $200 for the embedded graphics upgrade. The starting price of this variant will be $7,099 at the dealership.

Final thoughts

It’s going to be an exciting year for the young riders who are shopping around for a new bike to upgrade their current racing skills. Whether you’re a weekend warrior who just enjoys riding, or you’re a serious competitor building your career in the motocross industry, the new Yamaha YZ125 is as good as it gets. It’s their latest contribution to building the racers of tomorrow who will one day dominate the racing tracks. The 2022 Yamaha YZ125 is made for young riders who are in the process of maximizing their potential, but who are still working on honing their skills. It’s a user-friendly bike that invites those interested in career racing to take it up a notch.

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