A New Champion Emerges in Forex Trading: Wise Banc

When it came on the trading scene in 2017, no one quite knew what to expect from the new trading company that called itself Wise Banc.  A year later they’ve made an incredible reputation for themselves, providing support for over 50 currency pairs, 200 assets to trade, six global indices, commodities, and of course the rising star that is cryptocurrencies.  Available in four languages including the underrepresented Arabic, Wise Banc is driving hard towards being one of the most essential trading platforms on the market.

Wise Banc’s Difference

So what sets this company apart, and why are we providing an expose on it?  Wise Banc believes in providing a broad range of options for its customers, including an expansive leverage span and multiple account types to support every level of trader.  With a minimum deposit amount of $250 their services are within reach of even the newest of traders, while their range of membership plans also ensures that they have something to offer for seasoned trading veterans.

  • Bronze Wise Banc Account – 0.0007 Spread on EUR/GBP
  • Silver Wise Banc Account – 0.0006 Spread on EUR/GBP
  • Gold Wise Banc Account – 0.0005 Spread on EUR/GBP
  • Platinum Wise Banc Account – 0.0004 Spread on EUR/GBP
  • Diamond Wise Banc Account – 0.0003 Spread on EUR/GBP, 25% Discount On Swaps
  • Rhodium Wise Banc Account – 0.0002 Spread on EUR/GBP, 50% Discount On Swaps

Islamic Accounts

In addition to having this suite of options to choose from, Islamic customers can select an Islamic Account.  Islamic accounts are designed to be in accordance with Sharia law, ensuring that members of that community can engage in the trading industry while remaining true to their principles.  These accounts are also swap-free and do not cause the trader to either pay or receive interest on those that are held overnight or weekend trades, nor do they pay rollover fees

Custom Trading Software

Another feature that caught our eye was Wise Banc’s use of their proprietary trading software.  Simple and straightforward it is seen by some to be a marked improvement over MT4 and is supported by monthly seminars. Education is a significant part of their trading platform, believing that the best way for both themselves and their clients to prosper is by being thoroughly educated on the topic of Forex Trading.

Overall, we felt that Wise Banc had made a stunning entrance into the trading marketplace and we’re excited to see where this road takes them. We’ve had excellent experiences interacting with their support staff and have received reports of successful trading ventures performed through their platform.  If you’re looking for a fresh face that has a solid reputation, check out Wise Banc and take advantage of their $250 sign on bonus offer. There’s no better way to start Forex Trading then to get a double return on your investment the day you sign up and with a canny trading partner like Wise Banc – you’re sure to experience incredible successes in the days to come.

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