The Access Hybrid Smartwatches From Michael Kors


Wearable technology is one of the newest and most exciting technological trends. It is an excellent way to stay connected to work, friends, and family while on the move. In today’s fast-paced world, not only is it important to stay up to date on social events, but many occupations demand that an individual can respond to new developments at any time.

The design of smart watches has been largely oriented towards the technology. This has resulted in big, heavy watches defined by touch screens. Aesthetics have often been sacrificed for the ability to open apps, chat, and have total control over a paired smartphone with the watch.

Unfortunately, not only does this result in watches that are almost exclusively worn by techies, it means the watches must be replaced as quickly as smartphones. Just like with other mobile devices, when its technology becomes outdated (as it seems to every couple of years), the device itself must be replaced. When purchasing a smartwatch purely for its technology, the same expensive cycle of buying a cutting-edge device only for it to shortly become irrelevant must be endured.

With a hybrid smartwatch, the mobile connectivity can be had while maintaining the timelessness and sophistication of an analog watch. These watches have the appearance of a professional, elegant analog watch, but include smart features like Bluetooth connectivity. This is a burgeoning market, and some name brands are beginning to invest in these hybrid smartwatches.

The Access Hybrid Line

Michael Kors is one of the large brands that is dedicating its resources to developing stylish, fashionable smartwatches. It already has a line of standard smartwatches, with its Access line. However, the Access Hybrid line pairs the versatile and popular Michael Kors design with smart features.

These watches are set to be leaders in the hybrid smartwatch industry. They make no sacrifices in design or technology, giving users a watch that will keep them up to date on emails and texts while perfectly accenting any outfit. There is no bulky touchscreen that would necessitate leaving this watch at home for formal occasions.


Smart Features

Most importantly, the Michael Kors Access Hybrid line comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows the watch to be paired with a smartphone to give the wearer a seamless connection to work or socializing. The watches are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The watch will vibrate or display unique hand motions to alert the wearer of a text message, call, email, or other notification. As well, it is able to take pictures with the smartphone’s camera, play or pause music, and even make the phone ring to make it easier to find. This means the Michael Kors Access Hybrid smartwatch is a device that has a functional two-way connection to a smartphone. Not only can the smartphone create a response in the watch when notifications are received, but the watch can control some features of the mobile device as well.

In addition to this mobile connectivity, the watches are able to perform other functions as well. One useful feature is the ability to track steps, distance, and calories. As well, the watch can record trends in sleep patterns. This means the watch is excellent for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as keeping the user up to date.

The data from the watch is automatically streamed to the smartphone app. This ensures a seamless and easy way to see the information that the watch has gathered. While its smart features are somewhat limited in order to have a more professional appearance, these watches have a versatile array of functions.


For buyers who desire a hybrid smartwatch, the look of the watch is just as important as its technology. Luckily, Michael Kors has created a hybrid smartwatch that looks as sleek as it performs.

There are two variations of the watch, with slight differences. The two types are the Gage and the Slim Runway models.



The Gage model of the Access Hybrid is slightly larger at 45 mm and more functional, although it is just as aesthetically pleasing. It has two options to pair with different styles: a blue dial with a steel bracelet, or a black dial with a leather strap.

It can display the day, date, 0-100 sub-register, and of course the time. As well, it has buttons on the side to control its smartphone features.

Slim Runway

The Slim Runway model is slightly smaller, at 42 mm. It, too, has different style options. This model comes in gold-colored stainless steel or blackened stainless steel.

It features the same buttons for smart feature control as the Gage model, but has a more limited display. This model is only capable of displaying the time and sub-register.


One feature of the Access Hybrid smartwatch line that sets it apart from other smartwatches is that it does not require frequent charging. Instead, these devices use replaceable cell batteries. Users can expect an impressive 6 months of battery life.


The slightly larger and more functional Gage model will retail at $295, while the Slim Runway model can be had for only $250. These are great prices for watches that are able to balance stunning design and functional technology so well.



Smartwatches may be the technology of the future, but they currently appeal to a fairly small demographic. The large, bulky touch screen of most smartwatches means they cannot be worn to formal outings or be used to accent an outfit.

The Michael Kors Access Hybrid smartwatch line, however, addresses this issue. These watches are not only technologically engineered to keep the wearer up to date on important notifications, they are designed to have the sophisticated appearance of an analog watch. This means that the watch is an investment that won’t need replacing every other year.

With two models that both have an elegant, stunning appearance, Michael Kors is set to become a powerful presence in the hybrid smartwatch industry. These watches are versatile enough to alert the wearer to notifications and even control some features of the paired smartphone like its camera. This makes the Access Hybrid the perfect watch for anyone who refuses to compromise either design or compromise. It can all be had with these gorgeous hybrid smartwatches.

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