How Addison Rae Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million

Addison Rae

How much is Addison Rae worth? If you’re not familiar with the name, you might be surprised to know that she is extremely active on Tik-Tok. In fact, she has gained such a huge following in the relatively short time that she has been active on the site that there are only a couple of other people that have more followers than she does. In fact, her success on Tik-Tok has allowed her to start an entirely new life for herself that involves several potential streams of income. Today, her net worth is listed as $8 million. The question is, how has she done it?

Her Story

Surprisingly, she just started her Tik-Tok account in July of 2019 upon her graduation from high school. At the time, she had enrolled in Louisiana State University and was just beginning to attend her first semester. However, upon experiencing a dramatic level of success with her Tik-Tok account, she made the decision to drop out of school and move to Los Angeles. She had hopes of pursuing a career in some form of entertainment and eventually, she even signed with a talent agency. This is what set her up to make money on Tik-Tok, but also through a variety of other sources.

Her Start on Tik-Tok

Surprisingly enough, her first Tik-Tok video was an absolute flop. She posted a video of a family vacation and only one person liked it. She seriously considered giving it all up and focusing on her studies, but a last minute decision literally changed the direction of her life. As she was about to delete the app, she made the decision to post one more video, this time of a dancing video that involves her dancing to a popular hit. She’s been involved in competitive dancing since the tender age of six, so this was something that came naturally for her. Before she knew it, she had millions of followers, with people liking her post left and right. That is what prompted her to get involved with Hype House and move to Los Angeles. However, it still doesn’t answer the question of how she’s made so much money in such a short amount of time, especially on social media. Keep in mind, she also stays active on other social media platforms as well, including YouTube. How has she monetized it all?

It comes down to the fact that she has more than 82 million followers on Tik-Tok alone. These days, many major brands hire people with the express purpose of having them peruse social media in order to find out who the major influencers are. As such, they started contacting her, asking her to endorse their brands while she was doing her videos. She obliged and they started paying her for her effort. Eventually, this led to her own clothing line and a number of other endeavors that contributed to her overall net worth. At the moment, she makes anywhere from $49,000 to just over $81,000 per post on Tik-Tok. How has she managed to make so much money in a single post? When certain brands pay her to endorse products, they often give her an upfront payment in addition to later payments based on the number of likes that a particular post gets. Since she has so many followers, it doesn’t take very long for that number to go into the stratosphere, explaining her rather large paycheck.

Other Endeavors

As previously mentioned, she also has tens of thousands of followers on YouTube and other social media platforms. When all of these efforts are combined, it’s easy to see how she has managed to become worth $8 million in just two years. During that time, she has been asked to endorse products from companies like Reebok, L’Oreal and Spotify. Although the exact earnings from these endorsement deals have not been disclosed, it has been reported that approximately two-thirds of the money she has made so far comes directly from endorsement deals from these companies and more. If you think that’s a lot to be involved in, she also just launched her own makeup line that’s available at Sephora, cut her own single and completed filming on a project for Netflix. Again, it’s not yet known how much money she received for these endeavors, but they obviously contributed to her net worth. Furthermore, the royalties that she will receive from the album and the on-camera work will continue to contribute to her net worth, as will her clothing and makeup lines.

It’s Harder Than It Looks

For those people who are inspired by her efforts, it’s important to remember that it is possible to achieve a career and make this much money as an online influencer. However, it’s not as easy as it looks. The truth is, she was able to connect with an audience that was passionate about what she was doing and that audience has since expanded many times over. She knows how to conduct herself in a way that makes people want to follow her. She also decided to launch her social media accounts at a time when relatively few people were doing this sort of thing. Most importantly, she has a truly amazing understanding of what type of content needs to be created in order to get the attention of the audience. She interacts with her audience directly and keeps them wanting more. That is precisely how she has made so much money in such a short amount of time.

When asked about whether or not it’s possible for anyone else to achieve something similar to what she has achieved by creating content on various social media platforms, she says that anything is possible. However, she’s also quick to point out that like anything else, it requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. She has commented in the past that people have a tendency to think that she creates one piece of content and then spends the rest of the day doing whatever she wants. In reality, she’s frequently meeting with companies for endorsement deals, working in front of the camera, or in the recording studio. All of that is in addition to creating content. When it’s all said and done, her work day is probably longer than that of most individuals, meaning that she’s earned every bit of the $8 million she has accumulated thus far.

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