How Adele Achieved a Net Worth of $220 Million

To the surprise of no one, Adele’s career has continued to thrive as the years have passed and her net worth has swelled along with her success. There are few singers who can match her accolades, with 15 Grammys to her name and 120 million albums sold. She’s been smashing records ever since she first emerged on the scene with her commercially beloved and critically claimed debut album, 19.

Her follow-up album, 21, was also a commercial and critical behemoth. 25 dropped in 2015 but fans were left waiting for quite some time in its wake. Finally, she made her triumphant return last year at 30. Now that she has been nominated for even more Grammys and continued to bolster her all-time legacy, there are many who have questions about her net worth.

Let’s take a closer look at how she earned her fortune. Those who find themselves wondering about Adele net worth would do well to read on and learn more!

How Much Is Adele’s Net Worth?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about the British songstress and for good reason. Forbes reported that her net worth had reached $69 million five years ago, but that number has continued to climb. Now, her net worth is said to have reached the $220 million mark, showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

How Did Adele’s Net Worth Begin To Build?

Unlike some musicians who have to work for years on end before they are able to get their big break, Adele’s talent was evident from the get-go. All she had to do was upload one of her demos on MySpace (remember MySpace) and it was not long before it went viral. This origin story comes as a surprise to no one.

With a voice like hers, she was always destined for big things. She was signed to her first record deal shortly after the demo went viral and her debut album was released within a couple of years. Can you believe that she was only 17 years old when the demo was first uploaded?

The album was a major success, starting her on the path to earning her massive nest egg. 19 sold nearly 7 million copies worldwide, making it an instant smash. Adele also earned four Grammy nominations as a result of the album, including Record of the Year and Best New Artist. It is safe to say that she was off and running from there.

What About Her Second Album?

A lot of artists would have struggled to record a proper follow-up to such an astonishing debut, but Adele is not most artists. 21 was inspired by a troubled relationship and she was able to turn these trying times into cold, hard cash. The success of this album absolutely dwarfed her debut, selling a whopping 31 million copies worldwide.

She managed to nearly quadruple the sales of her blockbuster debut, setting the stage for an even greater level of future earnings. 21 topped charts in at least 30 countries and stayed at the top of the charts for two years in a row. To the surprise of no one, the singer received even more love from the Grammys this time around.

She was nominated for seven awards, including Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Record of the Year and Song of the Year. The Song of the Year nomination was for the iconic smash “Rolling In The Deep”, as she established herself as a true pop powerhouse who was here to stay. Many artists could have rested on their laurels from here, but Adele kept her pedal to the metal in the wake of this album’s runaway success.

Where Could She Go From There?

She took a bit of a break after 21, making audiences sit patiently for a few years before the release of her long-awaited follow-up, 25. For many, the highlight of this album was “Hello”, a song that has since stood the test of time. To the surprise of no one, 25 was a major success as well. While she couldn’t quite reach the heights of 21, 22 million copies sold worldwide is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Despite the slight decline in sales, the album still topped the worldwide charts for the year, a testament to her continued dominance. From there, she took an even longer break, as she dealt with the aftermath of a failed relationship that ended in divorce. While many artists would never survive a six-year hiatus, the Adele fandom stood strong in her absence.

By the time 30 dropped, the anticipation had reached a fever pitch. The album became the top seller for all of 2021. In fact, the album managed to set a record on Apple, becoming the most pre-added album of all time before its release. 30 sold half a million copies within its first three days, allowing Adele to expand her net worth even more in the process.

What About Her Touring Schedule?

Adele is said to turn down all manner of endorsement offers because she is able to rake it in with her own concert tours. “An Evening with Adele” was her very first tour and while she earned $775,187 from these engagements, it was small potatoes compared to what was coming.

Since the release of her second album, her ticket sales have been staggering, to say the least. The North American leg of 2011’s “Adele Live” tour grossed $2 million alone. She also toured to support the release of the 25th album, becoming one of the top ten highest-grossing acts in the world in the process. Over the course of this tour, she raked in a quarter of a billion dollars in tickets and merchandise sales.

Doesn’t She Also Have a Las Vegas Residency?

In recent years, more and more artists who find themselves at or near their peak in popularity have decided to head to Las Vegas. These lucrative residencies give artists the chance to make a sizable amount of coin in short order and Adele has been no different. In 2021, she went to Sin City and started her own residency, entitled Weekends With Adele.

These shows unfolded over the course of four months and took place at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The exact numbers have yet to be determined, but the early returns are incredible. In Las Vegas, the most lucrative residencies can range anywhere from $70 to $385 million.

Thanks to her track record and immense popularity, her final earnings are expected to range toward the upper end of these projections. In fact, Billboard has reported that the singer will earn at least $2 million per performance once her cut of the merchandise sales has been factored into the equation.

The residency began in November and is expected to run through March 2023. Billboard went on to say that she has broken records for average ticket sales and once this residency is complete? Her net worth is likely to rise even further. By this time next year, the $220 million figure that was quoted above just might end up being a thing of the past.

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