A Closer Look at the Adidas Men’s Adi-Ease Premiere ADV Skate Shoes

Adidas Men's Adi-Ease Premiere ADV Skate Shoes

Everyone has their way of unwinding after a long tiring day; some will have fun in a dance studio learning a few salsa moves while another will take a walk to the park and maybe play catch with their dog. Whatever you choose, if it makes you happy, then stick with it because like people who are fond of engaging the free gear in their lives, say “You Only Live Once.” Sports have always been a good way of ensuring that not only are you in tiptop physical shape but your mental health is at its best. For this reason, people continue to appreciate different kinds of sports as their forms of exercises and skateboarding has become one for those who have mastered the art of parkour to show off their skills. However, as with any other kind of sports, skating requires the right shoes otherwise your feet will be too sore considering the kind of impact that skaters make when they hit the ground. Adidas men’s Adi-Ease Premiere ADV skate shoes are on another level when it comes to offering the wearer a fantastic experience. Among what makes the sneakers worthwhile are:


Whenever you go out shopping for clothes or shoes, comfort is usually top of the list of what you are looking for; no one wants a size too big or too small. Most people cannot wait to get home and get into something more comfortable like flip flops to allow their feet to breathe but with the Adi-Ease premiere ADV, you forget that you even have shoes on your feet because they fit like a glove. These sneakers afford you the most comfort because they are true to size and especially are great for those with narrow feet such as women although they have been labeled as men’s shoes. Besides, whereas you buy a pair of shoes knowing too well that you might need to get used to the snug fit for a while before they can be comfortable, these Adi-Ease premiere sneakers do not require any breaking in period. Those who have had the pleasure of owning them claim that you can wear it out of the box and have it on for an entire day without your feet complaining. Moreover, it has a thin polyurethane sock-liner for extra comfort and cushioning on impact.

Many colorways

It is frustrating that when you want to put on a particular outfit, you cannot find the right shoes to go with it and you are forced to change. Color is usually the criteria for choosing our clothes although also the types of shoe factor in the decision; you cannot wear stilettoes with workout clothes unless you are planning on getting injured at the gym. Adi-Ease premiere ADV sneakers come in different colorways that make it possible to match with shorts, jeans and other casual outfits as RunRepeat informs us. Matter of fact is the shoes should be your first choice when you are tired of wearing T-shirts and jeans every weekend; they go well with your khaki trousers especially when you couple them with a turtle neck.


There is no point in spending your hard-earned dollars on a pair of shoes that will have you hitting the stores in less than a month. The Adi-Ease premiere ADV skate shoes are high-quality shoes that guarantee your feet service for quite a while before you can discard them. The toe area is made from ADITUFF; a durable material that ensures the shoes can withstand multiple beatings. Additionally, Adidas uses suede in the shoes upper, and although it cannot compare to leather with regards to the durability, it still goes a long way in ensuring you enjoy your skating for a while before getting yourself another pair.


Imagine you are competing with your friends, but the minute you try and lift your skateboard, your feet feel too heavy to do so thanks to the sneakers you bought. It can be an unfortunate scenario which you do not have to worry about when you get yourself the Adi-Ease Premiere ADV skate shoes because these are not bulky, enabling you to maneuver around the block with ease.

Board control

It can be embarrassing to keep slipping off your board when you know for a fact that you are the best skateboarder there is, yet the only thing that is letting you down are your shoes. Most yoga trainers teach their trainees that the body and mind have to be one when meditating. Similarly, when you are skateboarding, your feet and board need to be one; otherwise, you will not have as great an experience as you were hoping. With Adi-Ease Premiere ADV skate shoes, the outsole is grippy and vulcanized to give you the precise natural board feel.


No matter how great a product is if you cannot afford it, of what use is it to you since you will not take advantage of its features? Fortunately, Adidas is price friendly with the Adi-Ease premiere ADV shoes going for $49 according to Adidas. Considering that the Busenitz and Sabalo X Hardies shoes are almost double the amount with a price tag of $80, these Adi-Ease premiered ADV skate shoes are affordable to a wide range of consumers.

Why some would not prefer to buy it

The narrow fit – If you have a narrow fit, then these sneakers are a godsend, and you will not even need time to break in like you would other shoes. However, if you were blessed with wider feet, then these sneakers are not for you. Ordering a size true to your wide feet will have you complaining so maybe the trick is to buy a size or two larger to accommodate the extra width.

The archival tongue – Adidas has as always embedded their logo on the shoes, and on the archival tongue lies a skateboarding logo patch. While there is nothing wrong with that, consumers on Amazon have complained that the tongue can dig into the front of part of the ankle, making it quite uncomfortable. Attempts to flip the tongue down and lacing loose do not bear fruits because it pops back up and digs into your feet.

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