A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 14 Gym Red

Air Jordan 14 Gym Red

The very last Air Jordan that Michael Jordan wore while he was still a member of the Chicago team was the Air Jordan 14. To commemorate this very special occasion, Nike has announced the release of a new colorway in its 2020 edition of the Air Jordan 14 in a Gym Red colorway. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about this new sneaker to bring you current on the latest news.

1. This is a sophisticated silhouette

The Gym Red edition of the new Air Jordan 14 features a lot of red. The majority of the upper features a bright red color. It is well balanced with accents of black, grey, and white. The first thing that stands out is the sleek profile. The upper is beautifully contoured around the lower part of the arch with overlays that add extra stability near the top.

2. The midsole is striking

When it comes to contrast, this may be the most remarkable Air Jordan colorway ever produced. A black toe cap against the red upper is a nice touch. The most aesthetically moving component is the mid-sole which is applied in a brilliant white that climbs up the shoe and adds a texture that almost looks like side rails against the sides of the shoe.

3. It’s well-ventilated

This is a high-top sneaker that was intended for use on the basketball court. It’s designed to promote the best possible airflow in a leather high-top. We were impressed with the air vents that are added to the tongue of the shoe. Since the design doesn’t allow for the feature to be placed near the toe area of the upper, they improvised well by putting them in an area that will ensure airflow over the top of the foot and down through the rest of the shoe.

4. The construction is solid

We took a hard look at the construction of the Air Jordan 14 Gym Red. The stitching is solid and we were especially impressed with the way that the lacing system was built into the upper. There are plenty of tight reinforcements to ensure that the leather and nylon components of the sneaker are firmly attached. This is extended to all of the logical stress points to ensure long wear in a high-quality basketball sneaker.

5. It’s built for comfort

This sneaker features a perfect design when it comes to the cushioning and padding that is applied. Nike has made a habit of ensuring that all of the pressure points of the feet are covered with a thin layer of effective padding. It’s not overdone so that it causes heating and tightness, but just enough to prevent friction and rubbing.

6. The support is amazing

We love the way that the Air Jordan 14 Gym Red is engineered to provide total support for the feet. On the interior, reinforcements that provide firmness where it’s needed actually gives you more control over your feet when you’re on the court. This design has been tempered with flexibility so you can accomplish more natural movement on the court so your feet don’t feel like they’re being restricted. Nike has achieved a perfect balance when it comes to supporting the arches, heels, and ankles for optimal control and performance.

7. The traction is remarkable

The Air Jordan 14 Gym Red has a built-in traction system that provides superior grip on the court. The signature circle that is built into the rubber sole makes it possible to pivot and to accomplish some amazing rotational moves with the greatest of ease. When you need the grip, they keep your feet solid on the court and you’re not likely to have a problem with unintentional sliding. This kind of traction is highly valued by serious basketball players because it enhances your ability to make precision moves in high stakes games. It’s an overall amazing court shoe that is unrivaled for high-performance.

8. Nike has already sold out

The Air Jordan 14 Gym Red was listed at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $190 per pair. When we checked at the official Nike site, we saw that they are already sold out. This is perhaps a hint of just how popular this sneaker in the Gym Red colorway will be for the summer. The sneaker was officially released in the United States on July 2, 2020, and within less than two weeks, it has become hard to find. Of course, this is an iconic model within the Air Jordan line so it’s not really a big surprise. There has been no word from Nike yet about when or if more of this sneaker will be made available through its website.

9. It was released in Europe ahead of the USA market

The Air Jordan 14 Gym Red was released for sale in the European market on June 23, 2020. This was about ten days ahead of the debut for the United States vendors so Europe had a head start. It would appear that there are Chicago Bulls fans al over the world. The distinctive color of the Gym Red colorway displays the color scheme for the Chicago Bulls basketball team.

10. You can still find them for sale

It’s apparent that most of us have missed the initial run of the new Air Jordan 14 Gym Red sneakers at the Nike website. Having said this, we conducted an online search to see what we could turn up. We found that there are still quite a few online vendors who had the foresight to stock up on several boxes of the popular colorway. You can still find them for sale, but the price is now far above the MSRP of $190. We checked out the kicksonfire.com website and found a pair that went for $325. This is significant inflation but sadly, nothing new when it comes to a valuable shoe that is in high demand.

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