Airplane Cabins Could Become More Luxurious Than Your Apartment

Have you ever thought about what it might feel like to travel through the air at several hundred miles an hour while simultaneously being more comfortable in that airplane than you are at home? Chances are, you probably haven’t thought about it because you don’t think it’s possible. After all, air travel doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation these days. It seems like every time you hear the news, they’re either talking about overbooked flights where airlines are bumping people off with no way to get home or they’re talking about how passengers are forced to deal with sitting in cramped seats with no wriggle room for hours on end.

Even though those situations are often true, imagine what it would be like if you could fly anywhere you wanted and be as comfortable as you could possibly imagine. This is what the future of air travel might look like. As it turns out, a lot of airlines have been listening to the complaints of customers when it comes to cramped flights that are overbooked and an inability to move, even enough to straighten your legs out for a few seconds. Some of them are taking notice because they have finally started to realize that until they do, they’re likely to lose business to other airlines that have been listening.

As a direct result, aircraft manufacturers are working on designs that provide travelers with every conceivable comfort they could ever hope for. Try to put yourself in a situation where you’re traveling overseas and you have more than enough room to stretch out and sleep. This isn’t the type of sleep you get when you take a quick nap, but more like the deep, restful sleep you get when you’re in the most comfortable bed you’ve ever been in in your life. In addition, imagine being able to watch anything you choose on television, read, listen to music, or even get up and walk around.

Now think what it would be like to have real privacy when you’re flying. Nothing is more frustrating than getting situated in between people who talk too loudly, won’t get off their phone, or worse yet, listening to people argue. In this situation, you have all the privacy you want because there are walls that act as partitions between you and other travelers. Imagine what it would be like to have your own personalized refrigerator and even a shower, all while you’re traveling miles above the earth.

The good news is that you might not have to imagine these things much longer. Aircraft manufacturers are working to create renewed interest in air travel and in most cases, they’re doing it by creating more comfortable surroundings. Instead of merely sitting in a seat that you can barely squirm in, you have an entire area that is all yours. You can move around and do whatever you wish as long as it’s safe to unbuckle your seatbelt. In addition, the preliminary photos of these designs are absolutely stunning. It doesn’t look anything like an airplane. Instead, the photographs look much more like a luxury resort or a place that you might go on a weekend retreat.

In reality, that is the intention of airlines that are working with aircraft manufacturers to create these new designs. For the longest time, the idea was to cram as many passengers as possible on the largest aircraft possible in order to maximize space. This worked for a while, but in today’s world, people are tired of being crammed into an aisle seat like a sardine. They want something more out of air travel. In addition, it’s becoming more and more expensive to purchase an airplane ticket, regardless of where you might be flying. As a direct result, many people are demanding more comfort so that they get what they’re paying for. Nobody wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a seat that’s too small to begin with, all so they can be stuffed in with a bunch of other people. If it’s too crowded for you to stretch your legs out or even get up and go to the bathroom, you’re not going to want to pay for that ticket as badly as you would if you had your own personal space. Therefore, the entire face of public air travel is changing and by all accounts, it looks like it’s changing for the better.

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