AirWander is the Website Travelers Have been Waiting For

It’s easy to find a website were you can compare flight prices and get good deals, but when you’re someone who likes to add stopovers, things get much more complicated. Trying to book a flight with one or more stopovers is a huge chore on even the best sites, which is why travelers with wanderlust and time to spare have resorted to coming up with their own complicated methods of booking affordable trips that meet their needs.

This is where AirWander comes in and why it’s poised to change the game. Not only can you search for flights with stopovers, you can add as many side treks as you’d like and the site will give you the best prices available. What’s more, it points out interesting destinations and lets you know which stopovers will actually save you money, lessen the cost of your trip, or end up being free. Here’s more information about AirWander and how to use it.

What is it?

AirWander is a flight search engine that makes it easy to add multi-day stopovers to your trip. It uses high tech algorithms to provide the best prices possible, which makes it a great tool for travelers looking to save big. As opposed to layovers, which last for less than 24 hours, AirWander specializes in booking trips with one or more stopovers, which last more than 24 hours.

This site is helpful if you want to experience additional locales on the way to your destination or you’re interested in fitting in as many sights as you can when going abroad. AirWander is free to use, but more importantly it’s very easy to navigate. The site is meant to open would-be adventurer’s eyes to the many places they can see in the world, all without spending a ton of money.

How does it work?

The clean and user-friendly interface of AirWander makes it a pleasure to use, and getting started is easy. When you first visit the site you’ll be prompted to choose your departure location and a destination. In the middle of the departure and destination search boxes is the stopover box — when you click that is when the fun of using AirWander begins.

Let’s say you want to go from Austin, Texas to Auckland, New Zealand. Put that info into the search boxes, click “Stopover”, and you’ll see a huge list of destinations that you can add to your trip ranging from Phoenix to Honolulu, Brisbane, and Bangkok. Each stopover destination clearly displays the cost it would add for airfare, and opting for some destinations will actually save you money and not cost any extra.

The search feature on AirWander also allows you to choose flights suitable one-way, round trip, multi-city, and world-tour trips, and you can pick the number of travelers and flight class that you prefer. For the lowest prices, look into the economy and premium eco flights first. Another great aspect of using AirWander is that the prices quoted are inclusive of taxes and fees. There’s no hidden costs involved, and you’ll know what you’re getting to up front. After finalizing your trip, you’ll have a set of multiple flight bookings at a great price.

Who Should Use It

Those with wanderlust, travelers looking for adventure on a budget, and anyone who loves the idea of adding stopovers during an extended trip should definitely search for flights with AirWander. It has an aspirational vibe to it, but it’s meant to actually help you travel affordably rather than just dangling the carrot of exotic locales in your face.

AirWander is an awesome time saver that will keep you from going on hours long searches with traditional flight search engines. If you have any flexibility in your travel schedule at all, definitely check out AirWander to see if there are any stopovers that will either add a nominal amount to your flight costs or end up being free. Even if you’re not planning to take a vacation anytime soon, just browsing the site will give you tons of ideas for new locations to visit in the future and it could even point you to destinations that you didn’t know existed.

The Founders

AirWander was created by two avid travelers, Douglas and Ela, who discovered that they could save money by adding multiple destinations to their flights while also getting the benefit of seeing more of the world. They went backpacking for eight months in South America and during that time became flight hacking gurus. The algorithm that AirWander uses was developed from the time that the duo spent plotting their own travels on spreadsheets, and once they turned to technology to automate the process everything became much more streamlined and efficient.

It took three years to fine tune the process and bring AirWander to fruition. The first attempt at bringing together a live site culminated in QuestOrganizer, which first went live in February 2015. It garnered buzz and interest, but the site’s founders thought it could use more work to make it an even more functional tool. That lead to the stealth development of the AirWander site that went online in 2016, and by the looks of it the time and effort used to tweak the project was definitely worth the wait.

Today more and more world explorers are catching on to the benefits of using AirWander, and the company is growing. It’s still independent and maintains its dedication to being a service made especially for travelers by travelers.

Getting the Most Out of AirWander

It’s a good idea to use AirWander both for getting trip ideas and making flight reservations. Search around, figure out what cities you’d like to stopover at, and then think of how long you want to spend in each destination. This is key, because you don’t want to end up missing your next flight due to not having enough to time to explore the area.

AirWander lets you to choose the number of days that you want to stopover at each city when booking flights, and it also builds in five hours of time for each multi-ticket layover to account for checking and picking up your luggage, customs, and going through security lines. Once you play around with the site, you’ll find yourself coming back to get more travel inspiration and fuel your wanderlust.

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