A Closer Look at the Angelus Chronodate Limited Edition Watches

Angelus Chronodate Limited Edition Watches

Angelus may not be a familiar brand to most people, but the company has revolutionized the art of watchmaking. According to Wrist Review, the company launched the Chronodate in 1942. It was the first watch to combine a chronograph and a triple calendar at the time. These days, most watch companies make their watches in this manner. Angelus intended to design watches with a futuristic style. The company has since launched five Angelus Chronodate Limited Edition Watches: Chronodate Gold, Chronodate Titanium White, Chronodate Titanium Blue, U30, and U53. Even though there are five versions of the Chronodate watches, they still share the same characteristics. The only difference amongst the watches is their colors. So, what is special about these watches? Here are the features that make the watches stand out.


These watches are automatic and are controlled by the caliber A500. The caliber was made by La Joux-Perret, which was based on the architecture of the Valjoux 7750. It displays the small seconds at 9 o’clock and a 30-minute chronograph counter at 3 o’clock. You can view this movement through the sapphire crystal on the rear of the case. Since it is an automatic watch, it generates power based on your wrist movement and stores some. Its power reserve is 60 hours, and it operates at 4Hz. Their movement is controlled by a column-wheel and has a horizontal clutch. Generally, the movement can function due to its thickness of 7.9mm and modern-style chronograph pushers.

Water Resistance

These watches have a water resistance of 30 meters. It is time to dispel certain things we know about water resistance. For instance, most people assume that it is safe to dive or swim until 30 meters deep, and you would be wrong. According to IJL, water resistance of 30 meters means that the watches can withstand pressure equal to 30 meters deep. The assumption is that it will survive in still water 30 meters deep. However, this is unlikely since water always moves due to weather or people swimming. Ultimately, the pressure from such water movements would destroy the watches. Instead, these watches can only handle water droplets from rain showers, hand washing, or puddle splashing caused by a speeding vehicle. So, if you need watches that you can swim with, consider those with water resistance of at least 50 meters.


The watches use white Super-LumiNova luminescence, which emits a blue glow. Most people appreciate the luminescence because it lets you view time in the dark. Although that is the major reason for the luminescence, it also makes these watches visually appealing. In the past, watchmakers would use tritium and radium to make luminescence. However, they had to be abandoned due to their radioactivity. Despite the metals being radioactive, most watchmakers found them convenient. According to The Time Place, radioactive metals emit light throughout; hence do not need to be charged. That is unlike the case with Super-Luminova, which needs to be charged to be able to emit light in the dark. The luminescence is charged by exposing it to natural or artificial light. So, when you leave these watches out in the sun, you have to watch out for them since they may be stolen.

Strap Material

These watches have a rubber strap. It is no secret that people do not regard rubber straps that highly. Typically, watch enthusiasts prefer watches with leather or metal straps. However, rubber straps are advantageous. If comfort is what you prioritize, it would be better to wear rubber-strapped watches. Part of the reason metal straps are uncomfortable is how they are easily affected by the weather. When such watches are left in a cold place, they tend to be too cold on your wrist. Another aspect of discomfort stems from the fact that they tend to pinch the wrists. That means you will constantly have to loosen the watch to lessen the pain of the pinch. However, rubber fits your wrist without tightening it, and it is not affected by temperature changes. Another advantage of rubber is that it is easy to clean. For instance, when dirt or dust lands on it, all you need to do is flick it off. The same goes for a liquid that spills on it; you can get rid of it by wiping it with your finger. However, it is a different case with leather, whereby dirt tends to remain on it even after cleaning it off.

Case Material

Many watchmakers prefer to use stainless steel, which is understandable since it does not corrode. However, did you know that titanium is stronger than steel? So, when you buy these watches, you will be happy to know that the case is made of titanium, which is advantageous in many ways. We just established that titanium is strong. Due to its strength, it can withstand external force. So, if you were to drop it accidentally, it would neither dent nor break. Another aspect of its strength is its resilience when exposed to water. Unlike most materials, titanium does not corrode when immersed in water. Nickel was the preferred material for making watch cases for the longest time. Unfortunately, some people are allergic to nickel. Some of the indicators that one is allergic to nickel include rashes and itchiness. Although nickel allergies are rare, it is still important to cater to those who may suffer from such allergies. Fortunately, titanium does not trigger any allergy.


Who wouldn’t be impressed with the Angelus Chronodate Limited-Edition Watches? First of all, you are spoilt for choice since this brand has five versions. There is a strong chance that the watches will appeal to every demographic by releasing five versions. For instance, if Angelus only released red watches, they would leave out people who like other colors besides red. Another reason to consider these watches is how they hold up to this day. We learned that Angelus was the first brand to introduce calendars in watches. So, why wouldn’t you want to buy watches from an innovative company? Besides introducing such an innovation, their watches are durable considering the case and strap material. Therefore, Angelus is an established brand, and you will not be disappointed with its watches.

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