10 Reasons Apple’s Airpods Pro Have Become the Go To Gym Headphones

Apple has been around long enough and has found ingenious ways to tap any market as they seem to know exactly what their potential customers want. The Apple Airpods Pro, do not disappoint either, they are an absolute hit! In terms of their output, customers may already have an idea of what to expect as Apple has created a reputation of coming up with high quality and efficient airpods that appeal to given audiences. From the Apple-owned Beats headphones, Powerbeats Pro to the Airpods Pro, it is without a doubt that Apple just won’t stop – anyway why should they? These new magnificent Apple Airpods Pros are what every workout fanatic needs. The Airpods Pros are pen-cap sized wireless Bluetooth enabled earbuds that are an upgraded version of the Airpods brand. They were released on October 30th, 2019, just 2 days after Apple announced the invention. These earbuds use the same H1 chip as the second generation Airpods but boast of top of the line features such as noise cancellation, water-resistance and so much more. Below are some of the reasons why they are the latest talk of town and why every gym enthusiast is rushing to get them.

1. Noise cancellation feature

This feature is what every gym-goer looks for, a way to cut away from everything else and focus on their work out. The cherry on the cake to this feature according to Business Insider, is that the Airpods Pros have 2 noise-canceling modes. The first option is for you to completely shut out the world and only listen to your music and the second mode, the transparent mode, is for you to let some sound in and modify it in a way that still allows you to get the most out of your music.

2. Sound

Apple’s sonic approach favors clarity and provides a neutral balance to the tones instead of the usual heavy bass on most earbuds. The Airpods Pro provides an easy-going sound nature that provides you with a high-quality listening experience such that even the lowest quality of music still sounds pleasant. Another sound feature that Apple added was the one where music is not pumped intensely into your ear but you get a breezy feel to each song you listen to.

3. Hands-free Siri

The Airpods Pros recognize the Siri wake command, using the h1 chip. With this command, you can perform multiple functions such as having Siri read your messages out to you, adjust the volume to your music or change the song altogether. You can also respond to messages with your voice by prompting Siri to reply to the message – all these without having to touch your phone.

4. Comfort

The Era Tip Fit Test gives you a trial fit to ensure you use the silicone ear tip that provides you with the best acoustic performance and seal. With each Fit Test, you get a green light if the size of the tip fits perfectly. This is a great feature that ensures that the Airpods Pros provide you with a comfort fit so much so that you even forget that they are in your ear.

5. Pairing

The pairing for the Airpods Pro is a walk in the park. Literally, it takes about 3 seconds with the same Icloud account and you can pair your Airpods Pro with any of your Apple devices. This means that once your Airpods Pro is connected to your iPhone, all other Apple devices too are paired including your Mac book, Apple TV or Apple Watch. This saves you the hassle of pairing these other devices all over again. Pairing can also be done with Android devices too.

6. Hearing aid

The Live Listen is a feature that was added by Apple that can turn your Airpods into hearing aids on demand. It requires a long setup process but once you’re done with the process, you can leave your phone on the table close to someone and the audio will be sent to your Airpods.

7. Accessories

The Airpods Pro comes in a magnificent case that is not only easy to carry around due to its small size but also convenient and quite stylish too.

8. Wireless charging

A new case was released by Apple along with these Airpods Pro and according to CNET, the case implements Qi-based wireless charging that allows you to use your case to charge them. The best part about this feature is that it is completely optional and can save you about $70.

9. Battery life

The battery life to these Airpods is outstanding with 5 hours of usage and 19 hours from the charging case. If the earbuds run out of charge, placing them back in the case for more than 5 minutes will provide you with over an hour of usage which enables you finish your work out.

10. Water resistance

The Airpods Pro has an IPX4 water resistance rating. This means that they are resistant to harsh elements such as splashes of water and sweat making them the perfect workout item. The disclaimer though is that they can get damaged if completely submerged in water.


The Airpods Pro can’t be said to be the best wireless noise-canceling headphone in the market today but the user interface and its unmatched comfort level sets them way ahead compared to any other headphone out there thus making them the best option available.

For someone who likes to work out, the water resistance feature in the Airpods Pro gives you a safe headphone that will continue to provide you with years of service despite the amount of sweating in the gym. The fact that that they are also secure means that you can get on the treadmill and run for miles or lift weights and they still wouldn’t fall off. Though Apple Airpods Pro might be expensive but they are sure worth every penny.

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