The Arc One: A New 475 HP Electric Speedboat

This has been a summer like no other in the United States and other parts of the world. With so many restrictions for public gatherings, people have been taking to the waterways in record numbers. Boats and other watercraft have been popular recreational purchases this year, thanks to Covid. We’re all tired of staying indoors and the lakes and streams offer a safe venue for beating the heat of an exceptionally hot summer. One of the more popular new models is the Arc One. It’s a new speed boat that has a unique build and aesthetic. It’s one that we’re highlighting because of its popularity, but also, it’s one of the coolest new editions released by the Arc Boats Co. brand.

What is the Arc One?

The name Arc One conjures visions of the last vessel to carry surviving mankind through the next great flood, but that isn’t what it is. It’s a new speedboat that is ranked high on performance and rugged durability. These are just a few of its plethora of features that make it worthy of discussion. The Arc one is a 475 horsepower electric speedboat that holds promise for delivering on performance while leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the environment, much like a Tesla. It doesn’t get much better than that. Add the fact that this is a luxury speedboat with aerospace designing and a reputation for being the “Tesla” of speedboats and you’ve got a winning combination.

History of the Arc One

The Arc One is the dream concept of a team of engineers at Arc Boats Co who just happened to have experience in their former careers as rocket engineers. The aerospace design and features of the Arc One are purposeful and envisioned by professionals from that industry who have moved on to maritime design. The team set out to create a speedboat that would perform at high levels with a futuristic aesthetic, outstanding power, and operating modes that are as quiet as a Prius. The result of their group collaboration was an electric-powered 24-foot speedboat that flies across the seas with safety and stability, without noise or emissions that are harmful to the ears and the environment. Sound like a dreamboat to you? Read on for more details.

A closer look at the Arc One

The Robb Report reviewed the Arc One speedboat and gives it favorable reviews. At a glance, it has the appearance of a silver rocket with black accents at the back of the boat. It’s made of lightweight aluminum to keep the tonnage down and enhance its speed. The hull features a sleek design that cuts across the water. The design of the Arc One gives it amazing stability for safety and better handling at all speeds. The selling points of the Arc One include its outstanding range and speed. It’s equipped with an electric motor that is customized to generate 475 horsepower, along with dual bespoke battery packs that make it an extremely powerful energy source. The speedboat can reach speeds of 35 mph cruising through the waves. In the market of 24-ft boats, the Arc One is one of the fastest on the water today. It’s been unofficially dubbed “the silver pocket rocket.”

Not your average speedboat

Uncrate weighs in on the new Arc One to confirm that some testers have achieved 40 mph from the craft. While most petrol-powered speedboats emit smelly fumes, this isn’t the issue with the Arc One, thanks to the all-electric engine. It uses a customized 200 kWh battery that enhances the range to a full five hours of run time on a single charge. This gives it a long-range that isn’t common with other electric boats. The engineers have integrated a smart-tech system to provide reliability for a smooth driving experience. Another feature that makes it come out on top of petrol-power speed boats is that it runs quietly. You can cruise through the waves of the sea or the smoother currents of the river and talk to passengers without the noise pollution that is generated by other motor types. This gives it a high-end luxury classification. In addition, the cart is large enough to accommodate ten adult passengers in total comfort. Another notable feature is the step-down transom with a sporty J-bench layout. The seating is expansive. The boat is designed with extra storage space along with bow storage. Another amenity is a 15-inch touchscreen display that highlights the software of the boat and introduces you to the controls.

Pricing and availability

The Arc One has been around in its prototype models for testing and tweaking the minor stuff. It’s not yet available for delivery, but you can make your reservations now. The only way to get your hands on a new Arc One is to visit the official Arc Boat Co website and reserve yours in advance. The company is asking serious buyers to put down a deposit of $1,000, with financing or payment upon delivery which is scheduled for some time near the end of 2021. Hold on to your chair, because the starting price of the Arc One has been set at $300,000.

Final thoughts

The Arc One is a new model that is being released by former rocket engineers that formed the Arc Boat Company. They’ve pooled their talents to develop an electric engine that generates an incredible 475 horsepower for the best possible performance. It’s set to be the fastest 24-ft boat on the water achieving speeds of up to 40 mph. The Arc One is something new on the market the likes of which we’ve not yet seen. It has the potential to take watersports to a new level with its quiet operation and smooth handling. The aerospace design techniques employed by the design team give it a futuristic appearance that is sure to be a hit with space-minded water enthusiasts.

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