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The Arctic: Cold Brew Coffee System for Perfect Coffee

Waking up feeling energized and ready to tackle the day is a rare feeling. For many people, a cup or two of coffee is a staple of their morning routine. A hot coffee helps clear the cobwebs and provide the energy needed to function properly. However, most people are unaware of the fact that the typical way of brewing coffee, using hot water, is less effective than cold brewing.

Cold brewing coffee has been practiced for many years, but the lack of affordable home systems for this method has left it almost exclusively in the hands of high-end cafes. This method leaves behind fatty acids and bitter oils while brewing, resulting in a much smoother taste. Further, the coffee concentrate left behind after brewing tends to have a higher concentration of caffeine, providing the much-needed kick in the morning.

The main issue with cold brewing systems is that the systems for personal use are sparse and generally poorly made. For this reason, Inspired Lifestyle and Icosa Brewhouse have created a home cold brewing system called The Arctic. This gorgeous coffee maker is sleek, simple, and provides up to two weeks worth of delicious coffee using cold water.

Inspired Lifestyle

Like most people, the staff at Inspired Lifestyle depend on a morning coffee to get their day started. Also like most of us, they grew tired of spending money on the exorbitantly priced drinks at coffee shops and remaining lethargic after downing their first cup. These frustrations led to the creation of The Arctic, a cold brewing system that is designed to be cost effective and produce better coffee.

The company is based in New York and is composed of a small group of friends and colleagues. Together, this group has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into perfecting the home cold brewing system.


From its inception to its anticipated delivery date, The Arctic will be completed in just over two years. The idea for the coffee maker was introduced in December of 2015. By the following February, the first prototypes were created. After a great deal of testing in the spring, The Arctic was ready for production.

In order to fund the product, the Kickstarter campaign was launched in November of last year. It was tremendously successful, which means that the production of the coffee makers should begin as anticipated this month. In February and March, the first deliveries will be sent out.


Unsurprisingly, The Arctic was very well-received during its crowdfunding campaign, with many people clearly yearning for a better home coffee system. Despite only setting a goal of $15,000, The Arctic raised over $500,000. Over 6700 backers contributed to this remarkable fundraising effort.

The Arctic

A gorgeous appliance, The Arctic features a minimalist and modern appearance. Not only will it fit nicely with any décor, it is designed to be just as simple and easy to use as any other coffee maker. Further, it produces coffee with superior taste and caffeine concentration, and allows the user to tailor their coffee to suit their taste and needs.

How to Use The Arctic

While most people are probably accustomed to using a traditional coffee maker with hot water, getting used to cold brewing is incredibly easy. The Arctic produces delicious and smooth coffee in four simple steps.

1) Place 10-15 tablespoons of coffee into the filter.
2) Submerge the coffee in cold, filtered water
3) Place in a refrigerator for 12-24 hours.
4) Enjoy the most delicious home-brewed coffee possible!

A stronger taste can be achieved simply by adding more coffee or allowing The Arctic to brew for longer.



The main feature of this coffee maker is that it produces more flavorful, smoother, and stronger coffee. Anyone who relies on their morning drink to get their day started will appreciate the improved taste of cold brewed coffee.

As well, cold brewing results in superior caffeine concentration. This means that it won’t take two or three cups to provide the needed boost; depending on how much coffee was used and how long it was brewed for, a single cup can give all the kick one needs.


In addition to producing a superior drink, The Arctic also allows the user to tailor their coffee to suit their own needs. With this maker, an individual can control the bean type, roast, brew time, and coffee to water ratio of their drink. These factors are what decides the flavor and strength of the coffee, which means that The Arctic puts the power in the hands of the user.

Further, cold brewing produces a drink that can serve as a wonderful base for a variety of other drinks. From steaming cups of coffee and hot chocolate to milkshakes and even whiskey, there are few beverages that cannot be improved by The Arctic.

Save Time and Money

One of the biggest grievances that coffee lovers have is how expensive it can be to purchase a cup on the way to work. With just a couple minutes of prep time, brewing with The Arctic can produce enough coffee to last two weeks. With a 1.5 L capacity, this coffee maker can save a person hundreds of dollars and precious time in the morning.


While all of these features have focused on the benefits to the coffee drinker, The Arctic is also very environmentally friendly. By not using paper filters and disposable cups, it is a coffee maker that is excellent for the taste buds, wallet, and environment alike.


Despite the incredible benefits of using The Arctic, it is highly affordable. While it will retail at $89, it can currently be had for only $49 on its Kickstarter page. Especially considering the money that can be saved by not buying one’s coffee every morning, this is quite an impressive deal.


- Base diameter: 128 mm
- Height (without lid): 198 mm
- Height (with lid): 208
- Capacity: 1.5 L


Brewing one’s coffee at home can save time and money, but many home coffee makers are simply unable to produce a satisfying cup. With the cold brew system of The Arctic, however, a delicious and energizing cup of coffee can be enjoyed while saving money. It is a fantastic way to not only ensure a more flavorful drink, but also to customize the flavor and strength of the coffee. Anyone who loves coffee will simply adore the home cold brew system of The Arctic.

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