Aspark Owl Electric Supercar Does 0-60 in Under 2 Seconds

If you are interested in fast cars, this one is going to blow you away – literally and in more ways than one! First of all, this is not your average car; it’s not gas powered. It’s a new electric supercar. Japan is working on building one super-fast supercar and this is it. In fact, during a test of one of the supercar prototypes, it actually managed to go from a dead stop to sixty-two miles per hour (MPH) in just under two seconds, at 1.92 seconds! Wow, what a fast car! Talk about sitting you back in your seat! This one will glue you to your seat!

Aspark Owl is the name of the car, but perhaps ”Roadrunner” or even ”Cheetah” would be more appropriate names for the car, considering how fast it already is. The Aspark Owl was rolled out during the Frankfurt car show in 2017 in concept form. This particular car drives an important case for it’s performance, giving credence to claims that electric performance cars are able to deliver when it comes to speed. Furthermore, the claims of an electric car being able to deliver 0-60 MPH times in under two seconds have been proven by the Aspark Owl. As it’s understood, Elon Musk and Tesla are promising that their next generation Roadster will have a similar performance when it comes out in 2020.

The video above shows an Aspark Owl prototype taking off from a complete standstill, surrounding by engineers who are no doubt excited to see such performance in their electric supercar. Obviously, this was only a test, as it’s done in a cramped parking lot with a cliff near the end where the car has to stop. The brakes must work really well, too! It most definitely didn’t have much room to accelerate nor did it need it. The sound reminded me of those cars you rev up by rolling backwards against the floor before letting go. None of my cars ever went that fast, though.

The current prototype being tested in the video is far from being production ready. For example, instead of being fitted with street-legal tread tires, it had racing slicks on it. This probably didn’t have much to do with it’s take off speed. In fact, one would think slicks would be more of a hindrance in taking off. Furthermore, Aspark promises that when the Owl’s street-legal version comes out, it will also be able to take off, accelerating 0-60 MPH in under two seconds as well.

The Owl, according to the company, draws its design inspiration from the bird after which it’s named. The supercar is fully concerned with uncompromising its performance. Likely, the Owl will be considered a track car, although it will be street-legal and you’ll be able to drive it anywhere a regular car can be driven. Top out speed is said to be 174 MPH, so you could go very, very fast if you wanted to. Of course, speeding and reckless driving tickets are no fun, but with a car this fast, keeping it under the speed limit is going to difficult to maintain.

An electric motor powers each axle on the Owl, delivering a combined 563 pound-feet of torque, which is sent to all four wheels, and 430 horsepower. With the supercar only weighing in at 1874 pounds, that’s enough torque and horsepower to make it screaming fast. A combination of super-capacitors and batteries power its electric motors, able to deliver a driving range of 93 miles on just a single charge.

Not for the bad news, Aspark has intentions of only building fifty copies of the Owl, with each being priced at a mouth-gaping four and a half million dollars. As the supercar is still just a prototype, there’s no word yet when it will be for sale or where. If only fifty are going to be made, they all may very well be sold before they’re even finished!

I guess it’s a wait-and-see scenario, considering that Tesla is promising not only a much better range, but also a higher top speed for its new and improved Roadster. In addition, it’s price is only going to come in at two hundred thousand dollars, way less than it’s competition. If all of what Tesla says is true, it should turn out to be the better option. Of course, neither are available yet, so we’ll all have to just wait and see.

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