A Closer Look at the Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle

Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle

When most people think of Aston Martin, they think of James Bond and his super spy car. But did you know Aston Martin makes motorcycles too? They do now! Here is an in depth look at Aston Martin’s first attempt at building a two wheeler; and does it look good. The AMB 001 looks like it was made for 007. Like Bond, this motorcycle looks elegant and polished but that just hides a powerhouse on the inside. It is sleek and streamlined, built for both comfort and speed. Put on your helmet and strap in for a wild ride. Here comes the ten things you didn’t know about the Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle!

1. It Is a Limited Edition

Only one hundred of these are being made. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and they are not coming back. And be prepared to lay down six figures for one. This is a rare, special bike, not something you take roosting in the mud out on the back forty or scuttling among the cagers. This bike is track only. Squids need not apply.

2. The Engine is Turbo Charged

Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle 1

It is both stream lined and graceful. It looks like something out of an anime, video game or comic book. But rest assured that this bike is not all looks and nothing else. It comes with a robust turbo engine that is incredibly responsive and provides the rider with a marvelous response over a vast range of revolutions per minute. This is quite the rarity in a motorcycle. For better efficiency, this turbo is intercooled. Worried about turbo lag? Not a problem. A modern low inertia turbine is here to save the day.

3. Iconel is Involved

Carl Sagan once said “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” If you want to make a good motorcycle from scratch, you must first invent a good metal! Besides the solid metal billets on the engine covers, the exhaust manifold of the Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle is fashioned from Iconel, a trademarked superalloy based on austenitic nickel and chromium. You can’t beat this alloy when it comes to mechanical ability and thermal properties. Iconel and Aston Martin are a match made in Heaven for a motorcycle made on Earth.

4. Timing is of utmost importance.

Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle 2

The timing here is driven with a compact short Morse chain. And if you need reliability and precision, the gear train and said Morse train has you covered. The final chain drive included in the transmission also comes with an APTC clutch and an extractible six speed gearbox. Who could ask for anything more? Don’t bother asking. You’ll get it.

5. Its “Birthday” is on Guy Fawkes Day. Remember, remember, the fifth of November

The AMB 001 made its debut in Milan, Italy on November 5, 2019.Needless to say the people at EICMA were quite impressed. Bonfires won’t be the only thing fired up for Guy Fawkes Day.

6. Brough Superior Had a Hand in the Engineering

Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle 3

The B in the AMB stands for Brough. The sleek and graceful lines of this vehicle are a product of the Aston Martin design team. When it came to all those bits and pieces that go “varoom” Brough Superior got tag teamed in. It was all pieced together by hand in the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France. The result is something truly unique and state of the art. This certainly isn’t your grandpa’s motorbike. This bike’s got a V-twin turbo-charged engine (a first for Brough Superior) and a swooping, aerodynamic form designed for the human body. Go ahead and tuck all you want.

7. This Just Might Pull Aston Martin Out of a Hole

Times are tough all over, but particularly for Aston Martin. Along with the COVID-19 crisis everyone is struggling with, Aston Martin has had to battle plummeting stocks since 2018 and deal with changes in leadership. Lawrence Stroll is now chairman after underpinning a multi million dollar bailout package. Tobias Moers is the new CEO. Let’s see what they can do.

8. The Fin is a Brain Child of Mecano ID

Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle 4

One of the defining features of the Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle is a long, graceful fin forged from aluminum that extends the full length of a carbon fiber tank. It passes under the saddle and outward towards the back. This feat of stabilizing engineering is all due to the firm Mecano ID According to Thierry Henriette, CEO of Brough Superior Mecano ID “joined the project to apply specialist aerospace-quality carbon fiber skills to the exclusive AMB 001.”

9. The Bike is Mostly Light Weight Carbon Fiber

So you want a turbo engine with 180 horsepower? That is going to be hefty and not just in price. A big, heavy engine means that some weight has to be dropped somewhere. Light weight carbon is used where feasible. The entire gauge cluster is about the size of an iPhone. Motorcycles aren’t exactly toys but making them small and light where possible adds to the aerodynamics. The whole thing isn’t expected to weigh more than six hundred pounds.

10. All in All, This Motorcycle is Not Far Removed From Any Other Aston Martin Vehicle

Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle 5

The traditional Aston Martin camouflage livery will be available; for how many examples remains to be seen. The leather seating is as good as anything you’ll find in an Aston Martin interior. The saddle is crafted from Oxford tan leather and hand stitched for the highest in quality. After all, if you’re going to put down six figures for a bike, you want something that won’t give you monkey butt at the end of the day. Like any Aston Martin, this bike is not simply utilitarian but a work of art

So, what do you think about the Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle? There aren’t going to be many to go around this fall and of course not everyone would plunk down six figures for such a thing. Still, not everyone can own the Mona Lisa, but we love it anyway. You might love it too. Feel free to leave questions or comments about the Aston Martin AMB 001 Motorcycle and do share this article if you liked it.

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