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Greg Reigel

Greg Reigel is a partner in the global Aviation Practice Group at the Shackelford Law Firm in Dallas. The Shackelford aviation law practice attorneys represent a deep well of aviation industry and aviation law experience, helping clients with all the legal aspects of the purchase, sale, operations, leasing, management and financing of their aircraft and aircraft-related businesses. Clients range from Fortune 50 companies operating large internal flight departments, to aircraft charter and management companies, to individuals flying single-engine pistons, to companies that provide various services to those operators. Greg has more than two decades of experience working with airlines, charter companies, fixed base operators, airports, repair stations, pilots, mechanics, and other aviation businesses in aircraft purchase and sale transactions, regulatory compliance, contract negotiation, airport grant assurances, airport leasing, aircraft related agreements, wet leasing, dry leasing, FAA certificate and civil penalty actions and general aviation and business law matters. He represents and counsels clients on complex FAA, DOT, and TSA, regulatory compliance and enforcement issues. He helps clients implement legal strategies and transaction structures with the goal of securing and optimizing their legal and financial interests, and assists in resolving disputes arising from their aviation activities. He holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating. Greg can be contacted at 214-780-1482 or
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