Author: Jess Lynn

Jess Lynn is CEO and Founder of Reverie Vie LLC. Jess' company represents the iconic fashion designer, Barbara Hulanicki. Jess wanted to give back. She decided to create a lifestyle blog through her company Reverie Vie. Her advice stems from overcoming her own trials and tribulations. Jess was most recently invited to speak at Xavier University. She spoke as an entrepreneur on their Women’s Day panel in March 2018. Prior to running her own company, Jess worked in the tech industry for 6 years. During this time, she worked with the top Fortune 500 companies. This is where she learned much about what she writes today. She had reached a peak in her career, but felt held back. This is when she realized it was time to go off on her own. She now prioritizes helping college students trying to navigate this changing world. Folks that are well into their career, but are feeling lost. And helping corporations innovate their culture for the 21st century.

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