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Keith Baranowski

Keith Baranowski is Global Vice President and General Manager of SAP Ariba’s Direct Spend Solutions. His responsibilities include building Ariba’s innovation growth strategy and helping his clients digitize product development, sourcing and supply chain collaboration business processes. Keith has been with SAP for 12 years and held a number of leadership roles that focused on SAP’s Supply Chain, Product Lifecycle Management, Manufacturing and Operations solutions. Keith previously worked at software companies Oracle, PeopleSoft and i2 Technologies and held management positions in sales, marketing and product development. Prior to transitioning into software, Keith worked as a Sales Engineer at Intel. Keith’s community activities include working as a leader for SAP’s partnership with KaBOOM! who provides safe places for children to play in underprivileged neighborhoods. SAP and KaBOOM have built 10 playgrounds in the Bay Area that have impacted thousands of Bay Area children. Mr. Baranowski is also involved the Tijuana Ministry through St. Simon’s Church. The ministry builds five houses each year for families in Tijuana. Mr. Baranowski graduated Cum Laude with an Electrical Engineering degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and earned an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. He lives with his wife and his teenage children in Silicon Valley, California.
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