Author: Rasha Katabi

With over 20 years of experience in structured finance and capital markets, Rasha began her career in 1995 at TD Bank as a corporate financial analyst. Working with the CFO’s office, she pioneered the use of earnings volatility as a base for capital allocations to the bank’s business segments. From 1999 – 2002, Rasha co-led the firm’s wide global structuring efforts, focusing on cash and synthetic structured finance and securitization across North America and Europe.Rasha joined Merrill Lynch Bank of America in 2002 as Group Head for the Strategic Solutions Group in Fixed Income. There, she built the largest non-bank residential mortgage funding business, established Merrill at the top of securitization league tables, and instituted strategic partnerships for Merrill in the Canadian market.When she transitioned to Managing Director in 2006, her mandate expanded to Debt and Equity. The Debt and Equity Structured Solutions Platform focused on retail and consumer finance, financial services, automotive, real estate and REITs. She also advised Canadian pension funds, global sovereign wealth funds, and large institutional clients. In addition to her business responsibilities, she was a member of the Asset/Liability Committee and the Management Committees for Debt Capital Markets and Equity Capital Markets.Rasha was President and Chair of the Mortgage Backed Securities Issuers Association (MBSIA) for 2 consecutive terms (2010 – 2013), a Director of the Board of Russell Investments in Canada, and a part of the Russell Investments Audit Committee.In 2015, Rasha founded Canadian fintech company Brim Financial which launched its first product, a non-bank affiliated credit card, in 2018. The card offers perks like no foreign transaction, great travel perks, free global Wi-Fi, an open rewards program with points on repeat purchases & total spend, and point redemption on anything, at any time, thanks to its bespoke infrastructure.

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