Avoid Employee Burnout: Four Effective Ways to Fight It

Employee burnout is a real thing, and it wreaks havoc on businesses all over the country. It’s not enough to hire the right employees. If overworked or left feeling unmotivated, your best employees can suffer the same fate of many other workers before them. The dreaded employee burnout leads to low production, poor work performance, and eventually leaving their position. The good news is you can spot employee burnout before it becomes a problem, and there are steps you can take to combat this problem in your workplace. Here are 4 ways to fight employee burnout:

The Signs of Employee Burnout

You might not realize your employees are already burning out before your eyes. If you’re not looking closely, you might not notice at all until it’s too late and the letter of resignation is already on your desk. Being aware of these signs is key to noticing them and intervening before it’s too late:

  • The employee suffers from exhaustion and tiredness that doesn’t seem to go away, even after holidays.
  • The employee is losing interest in his or her work.
  • The employee used to be a high-level worker, but now his or her performance is suffering.
  • The employee is no longer communicating in meetings or with other employees.

Any of the signs above might be an indication that your employee is losing patience with his or her position. If you go too long without intervening, the employee is likely to move on or continue to lower performance levels. While it’s not possible to watch every single employee for these signs, it is possible to prevent them in the first place with these 5 methods!

Method 1: Kanban Method

Are your employees feeling overworked and overwhelmed? You might need the Kanban method also known as the Kanban process. It involves only doing production for work you have already received the demand for. This results in less waste of materials, products, and work. It also involves the breakup in workflow so you don’t ever have too many things currently in progress.

When to-do lists are overwhelmingly long, employees start to feel trapped. They might feel like they’ll never come out from under this work, and like nothing they do is good enough. Limiting your works in progress to only top priority tasks means your employees can handle their workloads with confidence!

Method 2: Open Communication

When employees feel they can’t communicate potential problems to their supervisors, they feel trapped. Your team should feel comfortable speaking to you and other supervisors about their challenges and even suggestions. Having these open lines of communication gives you the opportunity to step in and make a change before performance levels are reduced.

Opening communication between you and your employees is easy. You can leave your door open and encourage team members to speak with you directly throughout the day about any challenges. You can also implement regular meetings, either casual or formal, where you can review current happenings with your team members.

Method 3: Provide Freedom

Employees need to feel confident in their daily tasks and decisions. If they feel the structure of the workplace is interfering with their ability to get their job done, they’ll quickly lose motivation. Empower your employees to make their own decisions about creative products and production. You never know what they might discover! Because your employees work on the ground every day, they might have reasonable suggestions about things to change or improve. Listen to their ideas and give them the confidence they need to proceed.

Freedom goes beyond daily tasks and small decisions. Your employees want to feel valued and trusted. Show them you trust them to do their best work by keeping your workplace flexible. Companies are starting to implement flexible benefits like the opportunity for telecommuting, flexible hours, or even more vacation time. While this might seem like you’re losing control in your business, this has shown to improve employee motivation and beat burnout.

Method 4: Training

When employees have to keep learning new things on their own, they might feel trapped. Everyone wants to work for a company that values your contribution and sees you as an investment. Show your employees you care about their career growth by providing opportunities for increased training. Whether you invite employees to work conferences, speciality classes, or even just oversee training on your own, they’ll feel valued.

Investing in increased training is a win-win for both the company and the employee! Having employees with more skills increases their performance and provides more opportunity for promoting within the company. Creating a supportive workplace is key to avoiding burnout.

Are your employees facing burnout? It’s not too late. You can step in as their supervisor and make them feel valued with these methods above. While you can start with one at a time, they’re powerful when used together! It all comes down to showing your employees you care about their performance and well-being.

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