A Closer Look at Azimut’s Largest Yacht Grande Trideck

Azimut’s Largest Yacht Grande Trideck

In October 2012, Azimut released images of a superyacht, the Azimut Grande 140 Trideck. It became the biggest vessel from the shipyard, utilizing a new D2P (Displacement to Planing) hull designed to reduce resistance and improve efficiency. The boat was meant to achieve a maximum speed of 22 knots and a cruising speed of 17 knots. Well, that was almost a decade ago, and Azimut is now ready to unveil its largest yacht  ̶  the Grande Trideck, whose top speed is 24 knots and cruises at 21 knots. The announcement came in September 2019, revealing that three units had already been sold off-plan. Construction was set to commence in 2020, and the fifth hull was sold in March 2021. You must be wondering why someone would want to buy the expensive yacht before it’s constructed, but maybe a closer look will answer your questions.

Three Decks plus One

The name “Trideck” could have you thinking that the decks are only three. However, the Grande Trideck prides itself on having three decks +1, with the additional deck offering 30 square meters of extra space. According to Boat International, Azimut describes the +1 deck as a floating aft deck suspended in the air. It offers an excellent area for relaxation and lounging, facilitated by a C-shaped sofa and two other cozy seats overlooking the sea. The living area is the first of its kind in any Azimut yacht and is appropriately named the Sea View Terrace. Thanks to the suspended Sea View Terrace, the yacht has a smooth transition between the exterior and interior of the deck through the Private Patio. The Private Patio connects to the cockpit and is a few steps down from the Sea View Terrace. It can be used for dining or relaxing when some privacy is preferred.

The other three decks are the Upper Deck, the Sun Deck, and the Beach Club. The Sun Deck area is perfect for sunbathing. It has a forward bar and custom spa tube surrounded by a sun pad and free-standing furniture. The Upper Deck has a social space secluded from the external space by a glass door; the space transforms into a large dining area when opened. Usually, the traditional formal dining area in yachts is on the main deck. However, the Grande Trideck has moved it to the Upper Deck, enabling the main deck to have enough space for socializing and informal gatherings. The Beach Club, on the other hand, connects to the forward garage area. Superyacht Times informs us that the tenders and toys are kept in the Beach Club accessible through a transom door. The area is described as a living room on the sea because once the transom opens up, it increases the living space to over 30 square meters.

The Interior Decor and Other Features

NAVISyachts.com details other features in the Grande Trideck. For instance, the main salon has floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to flood the space, leaving it bright and well-illuminated. The large windows also provide an unobstructed view of the ocean. It seems that the yacht is focused on giving the guests an ideal platform to have a conversation. Hence, the salon also has semicircular sofas that provide an intimate setting for informal gatherings. The sofas match the shape of the semicircular coffee table that acts as a centerpiece. The furnishings are all high-end, including the highly-lacquered mahogany and carefully handpicked interior décor pieces. Other eye-catching details are the LED lighting and Cardoso stone flooring in the owner’s suite. The owner will also appreciate the Carrara marble countertops, lacquered wood in the bar cabinets, and polished brass and mahogany furniture pieces.

As with any area designed to offer ultimate relaxation, the yacht also prioritizes the entertainment of guests. Therefore, it has a bar that caters to both indoor and outdoor spaces. The vessel was designed with a contemporary owner in mind, especially one who enjoys a less formal lifestyle. For this reason, the interior can be changed so that the different configurations suit a maximum of six guest cabins ̶ the owner’s suite on the main deck, four suites in the lower deck, and VIP suite in the Upper Deck. The yacht measures 38.2 meters overall, with the beam covering 7.98 meters, and the volume is a little under 300GT. With such specifications, it becomes the largest model built by Azimut. The Chief Technical Officer, Alessandro Rossi, said that staying below 300GT resulted in the Trideck being a very complex project in terms of design and engineering. He added that the market would be surprised by the space and volume available on the boat when they unveil it.

Speed and Efficiency

According to Azimut Yachts, the Grande Trideck will have a second-generation D2P hull designed by Pierluigi Ausonio Naval Architecture Studio in collaboration with Azimut’s Research and Development Center. The displacement hull provides fuel efficiency by allowing the yacht to attain top speed even without powerful engines. The double chine hull reduces drag when cruising, thus improving stability. The two engine options are rated 2400mph or 2600mph and can deliver between 23 and 24 knots at maximum speed. The fuel efficiency is evident because once it reaches 19 knots, it consumes the same amount of fuel that a yacht shorter by 3m would. When cruising at 15 knots, the Grande Trideck consumes 15% less. The excellent levels of stability are mainly enabled by the carbon fiber construction in the hardtop, transom, mast, radar arch, and superstructure. It utilizes pure carbon fiber with vinyl ester and epoxy resin lamination so that the large size does not affect its weight. Best of all, any environmentally conscious owner will be happy to learn that the Grande Trideck has zero emissions while cruising at Hotel Mode. The Hotel Mode is when a lithium-ion battery, instead of generators, powers the yacht. The battery can last for four hours during the day and 8 hours at night when the electrical power needs of the vessel reduce.

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