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20 Things You Didn't Know About Baiju Bhatt

Baiju Bhatt

Baiju Bhatt is currently the Co-Founder of Robinhood and he is an American entrepreneur who has achieved a remarkable level of success at an early age. This noteworthy businessman sets an example for young entrepreneurs who are just getting started in their careers as he has reached the status of billionaire, but how did he doe it? We looked into his career and his history to learn more about him and how he came to be so very prominent in his chosen career path. To help you become more familiar with him, and perhaps be inspired by his journey, here are 20 things that you probably didn't know about Baiju Bhatt.

1. He is the co-founder of Robinhood

Baiju Prafulkumar Bhatt got together with a friend named Vladimir Tenev and the pair founded the online trading platform Robinhood. He serves as the chief executive officer and leads the company has it is moving forward with rapid speed in its growth and expansion. The company is in the financial services sector and is based in the United States.

2. Baiju is a first-generation American

Mr. Bhatt's mother and father were born and raised in the country of India. They immigrated to the United States where Baiju was born and attended schools. This makes Baiju a first-generation American with parents who moved from their native home of India to become Americans and to raise their family in a country where there were greater opportunities to achieve success in their lives. It's a story that Baiju shares with many first-generation Americans who still have family members in other countries.

3. He has a Stanford education

After completing his high school requirements and graduating, Baiju continued his education. He was accepted at the prestigious Stanford University and admitted into their undergraduate program in physics. Stanford only accepts a very small percentage of students who apply for admission as there is a cap on the numbers allowed and the requirements for gaining admission are stringent. The institution accepts only the top-ranking candidates so this tells us that Mr. Bhatt had an impressive application form with test scores to back it up.

4. Baiju continued to a graduate degree

After completing his undergraduate degree earning a bachelor's degree in physics, he continued forward with his education. He enrolled in the masters level mathematics program and graduated from Stanford with his graduate degree in 2008. Bhatt had the foresight to establish a firm foundation in his knowledge base before he embarked on his career as an entrepreneur. It was while he was taking classes at Stanford University that he met his partner in Robinhood Tenev.

5. He co-founded Robinhood in 2013

His company has been in operation since 2013. Both Tenev and Bhatt followed the 2011 protests of Occupy Wall Street. They were witness to the issues that were taking place in the financial industry at that time. This is where the idea for the formation of Robinhood came from. Together the two worked on their idea and this is how they established the trading platform which they named Robinhood.

6. Bhatt and Tenev become billionaires quickly

The co-founding entrepreneurs for Robinhood entered in a round of funding for their business in May of 2018. It was at this time that the valuation of Robinhood was placed at $6 billion. This made both of the men multibillionaires. They are still young and in their middle 30s. What an amazing accomplishment for them so early in life.

7. Baiju and Tenev planned to go public

Their company has been such a tremendous success that the partners have decided to take it public. Bhatt officially made the announcement to launch Robinhood's IPO in 2019. He was speaking at a Disrupt SR 2018 event. He also speaks to groups of people who are interested in getting into investing. He has a solid grasp on investment strategies because this is what his company does. He frequently goes out to promote the company but he also gives out some useful information for those who are considering becoming investors. Bhatt has become an authority on the topic and when you have earned billions in an industry, it definitely qualifies you as an expert on the topic.

8. He is also bilingual

One of the things that Bhatt listed on the accomplishments section of his LinkedIn profile is that he is bilingual. He is not only fluent in English but he also speaks Gujarati. Since his mother and father were both born and raised in the country of India we're assuming that he learned this language from them and that it is their native tongue. Still, it's always a good thing to speak more than one language when you're in business.

9. Baiju comes with high recommendations

Bhatt is also highly regarded by other professionals in executive leadership. Dylan Flinn is the CEO at Shadows and she worked with Baiju but while the two were at different companies in 2015. He recommends him as a forward-looking "world-class" innovator who can see things coming in business before they even happen. He also added that Bhatt has a positive attitude as well as being a fun person to be around. It's always a good thing when other executives have good things you say about a person both personally and professionally.

10. He knows how to get it right the first time

While we were looking through Mr. Bhatt's LinkedIn profile, we noticed that the first and only job that he listed on the site was fro Robinhood. He and Tenev developed the online trading platform right out of college. Although he doesn't have a lot of experience at other companies, we can see that he didn't need to work for anyone else. He built his own company and got it right the first time. It's not often that a first attempt meets such remarkable success, but from what we can see, Mr. Bhatt is quite a remarkable person.

11. Bhatt is looking towards greater things in the future

Even though he has made billions with Robinhood, Baiju is just getting started. He has some big plans for the company in the years to come. Currently, the company has aggregated more than 5 million brokerage accounts which is nothing short of phenomenal. As the co-CEO of the company, he and his partner have a huge responsibility, but they're far from done and if things continue on their current trajectory, the sky is the limit. Robinhood has become one of the largest financial institutions in the United States and it's only been in operation for under 6 years.

12. He has a daily routine

Bhatt takes care of himself and he has a daily routine that he follows. He is a disciplined person who has formed good habits for taking care of his physical health as well as for making sure that he is kept up to date on current events that are going on in the world around him.

13. Bhatt stays in shape

We learned that Baiju Bhatt gets up every morning with a positive outlook on life. First, he has a cup of coffee, and then he works out with an exercise routine. He shared that it helps him to get his blood flowing. Most days he starts with 30 push-ups. Some days he even pushes that number up to 50.

14. He makes sure to schedule outdoor time

Bhatt is a busy CEO and he has a lot of responsibilities that keep him inside the office. He also realizes that he performs better when he makes the time to get outside of the office to get some fresh air. He does this whenever he can during the workweek. Some days he jogs around the area during his lunch break and spends about an hour running in the fresh air. This is an activity that helps him to clear his head. It also stimulates his creative juices. He runs outside at some time of the day on a regular basis whether it's in the morning, at lunch or at another time but he is faithful to do this almost every day.

15. He maintains high energy levels

Part of the secret of Baiju Bhatt's success is that he knows how to keep his brain sharp. He is very in tune with his body and he knows how to maintain good health and a positive attitude. His outdoor activities give him refreshments and help in recharging his batteries.

16. He's an intermittent faster

Another health tip that you can learn from Baiju Bhatt is the importance of nutrition. For him personally and his partner, they skip breakfast and don't eat after 8:00 pm during the workweek. Vacation time is a bit different, but they're following the Silicon Valley trend to practice intermittent fasting to help enhance focus and productivity. Bhatt says that the regimen that he follows has made him feel much better physically and it has also worked to help sharpen his thinking so he is more effective on the job, and he gets more accomplished.

17. He keeps up on the latest news

Another thing that Baiju Bhatt does every morning is that he gets online and he checks Twitter. He also visits CNBC, CNN, and The New York Times to keep abreast of the latest news that is trending. He likes to stay informed before he leaves his home. He shared that sometimes he reads The Wall Street Journal as well. This is a part of his daily schedule of things that he does on a routine basis. He's formed some positive habits that help him to be prepared for whatever the new day brings, and in most cases, the new day means going to the office and taking on another day of leadership responsibilities and running a very successful business with his partner and co-CEO.

18. Baiju and Tenev are on a mission

When Bhatt and Tenev created Robinhood it was with a very clear purpose in mind. They both wanted to make investing and the trading of stocks a very simple and easy process for their clients. They developed an investment app called Robinhood that is free and it is geared towards the millennial crowd. Some celebrities even got in on the profitability of the company in its infancy such as Nas, Snoop, and Jared Leto. In addition, several venture capital firms came on board to help fund the company when it as underdevelopment and it has been an excellent investment for everyone who decided to take the chance on the new startup.

19. He is an avid reader

We also discovered that Baiju Bhatt enjoys reading for pleasure. When he was asked what he was currently reading, the list of books that he recited was impressive. It's obvious that he has a fascination with the planet Mars because he had just finished reading "The Case for Mars," "The Martian," and "Red Mars." In addition to this, he was reading several different kinds of books including Godel, Escher, Sandman, Bach, Predictably Irrational, and he had planned to get to "Capital in the 21st Century" s the next book that he was going to read.

20. He lives by a simple principle

Baiju Bhatt was asked what the best advice was that he had ever been given, and who gave it. He was quick to answer. David Kelly is a professor at Stanford who also founded IDEO. Bhatt had the opportunity and privilege to sit and talk with him. When Bhatt asked Kelly how to create trust in your company, the answer was simply "clearly articulate what you aim to do, and do that thing." When it comes to business this is something that he remembers and applies. Bhatt said that this was the best advice that he has ever been given.

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