Banwa Private Island: Stay for Just $100,000 a Night

The Philippines consists of more than 7,000 islands, each of which is unique. People visit the Philippines for many different reasons, but visiting a stunning location, enjoying the amazing beaches, experiencing the Philippine culture, and relaxing in the wonderful climate are amongst the top reasons for choosing this as a vacation destination. Deciding where to go is the difficult part as the islands offer so many different experiences. While some islands are highly populated and heavily urbanized, many of the smaller islands are remote and unspoiled. If the latter is the type of experience you want for your vacation, you might consider chartering Banwa Private Island.

Located in the Palawan region of the Philippines, Banwa Private Island is a remote island that you can hire exclusively to enjoy a private and luxurious vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and where you can take yourself away from the stresses and strains of your daily life. The island is so remote that you can only access it by either boat or helicopter. There are no roads leading in or out, and the nearest airport is three hours away in Manila.

In terms of the accommodation on the island, there are 12 garden rooms, a top-level suite, and six contemporary beachfront villas. All the accommodation has floor-to-ceiling glass walls with spectacular views, and Manosa & Co were responsible for the stunning interior design of the luxurious accommodation. Each of the villas has the privilege of a private infinity swimming pool and a Jacuzzi deck. These light and spacious villas provide enough accommodation for up to 22 people, so you can invite your whole family or spend time on the island with a large group of friends. The total capacity on the island, including the garden rooms and the suite, is 36 people.

Despite the high-end luxury of the island’s accommodation, the ethos of the island is one of simplicity. Guests are encouraged to walk barefoot to feel the warmth of the sand under their feet, and to relax in the hammocks along the beach. Using the natural resources available is also an important part of the running of this island. A natural source of replenishing spring water from a reservoir 500-feet below the ground is accessed by an artesian well. Seafood is freshly caught from the Sulu Sea and an organic farm supplies the fruit and vegetables. This produce is served on the island’s Latitude Restaurant & Terrace.

In fact, appreciating nature is an important part of a stay on this island. You can enjoy the lushly forested island surrounded by crystal clear waters and the wildlife that live in these two contrasting environments. Aquos, the resort’s foundation, is responsible for protecting the native species of the island. These include the indigenous Tabon bird and the endangered Hawksbill sea turtle.

While this is a remote and tranquil island, this does not mean that you will not have things to entertain you during your stay. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, both water-based and on dry land. In the water, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, take SUP rides, or enjoy sailing on a catamaran.

On dry land, the leisure facilities include a yoga and Pilates studio, a soccer pitch, a gym, and tennis courts. Furthermore, there is a massage suite that offers a range of treatments. The resort can even arrange private helicopter and boat excursions to points of interest in the surrounding area. These include the underground river near Puerto Princesa, the Tubbataha Reef, and the Tabon Caves.

Due to the exclusivity of the island, everything it has to offer, and its beauty, a stay on Banwa Private Island has the rather hefty price tag of $100,000 per night. While some may think this is a staggering amount of money to spend on a single night away, others would argue that this is well worth the money. The resort was launched in January 2019 and already has a list of bookings from people who want to enjoy an exclusive and unique experience at a beach destination with natural beauty.

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