Who is Baume, The New Watch Brand from Richemont Group?

For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Richemont refers to a holding company that specializes in luxury goods. Some examples of those luxury goods range from clothing and accessories to various products made out of leather. However, since Richemont is based in Switzerland, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that it has an interest in fine watches as well. In fact, even though Richemont can claim the honor of being the second biggest luxury good company that can be found in the entire world, it is interested in continuing to increase its presence in this particular field. Something that has led to the creation of the new brand called Baume.

What Is Baume?

First and foremost, Baume is indeed a brand of luxury watches. However, since there are a lot of brands of luxury watches that can be found out there, it should come as no surprise to learn that the people behind Baume have sought to differentiate it from its competitors. Said differentiation has resulted in Baume being targeted towards a particular segment of younger consumers who are interested in not just luxury watches but also an increased consciousness of environmental and other ethical issues.

As a result, Baume was launched with some rather important principles in mind. First, it wants to be associated with an awareness of the huge impact that humans are having on the planet, which is why it has adopted a number of common but nonetheless important sustainable practices. One example is how Baume is using recycled material in its watches, while other examples range from its choice to have minimal packaging to its choice to either recycle or reuse the materials that fail to get used up in its manufacturing processes. Second, Baume is very much aware of the fact that interested individuals can have the greatest effect for the environmental cause when they work with one another rather than on their own, which is why it has sought out various partners when it comes to its initiatives. For proof, look no further than the fact that it has teamed up with Waste Free Oceans, which is an organization that collects plastic waste from various places for the purpose of preventing them from polluting the sea. Something that is particularly important because the plastic waste is processed into materials that can be used up in Baume’s manufacturing processes.

With that said, the interest in environmentalism is far from being the sole sign of the people behind Baume’s interest in reaching out to younger consumers. Another example is how the people behind Baume are planning to lead with online sales, which is the sort of thing that would appeal the most to younger consumers who have grown up with the concept of buying products over the Internet. Likewise, while the people behind Baume have stated their interest in distributing their products through physical channels as well, they have also stated that they will be doing so in a slower manner because they want to test the customer experience. Once again, this is something that is very much in-line with a desire to appeal to younger consumers because the concept of experiential shopping is something that has received a significant boost in recent times because of said individuals.

Regardless, the result is simple but nonetheless pleasing watches that are priced as low as possible, though interested individuals should remember that this is true in the context of luxury watches. Not being intended for a particular gender, Baume watches are even more interesting in that they will offer plenty of customization options for interested individuals, which should enable them to get exactly the kind of products that they are interested in.

Further Considerations

It remains to be seen whether Baume will prove to be a success or not. However, seeing as how it seems to have a solid understanding of what it wants to do as well as how it is going to do it, success is not an unreasonable prediction at this point in time. For the time being, Baume consists of a limited range of products, but should it prove successful, more are bound to spring up, particularly once it manages to start attracting attention from like-minded parties.

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