BedJet 3: Sleep Inducing Climate Control for Your Bed

We happen to live in an era in which technology is advancing at a rate that has never been experienced at any point in history. The way that we keep time has evolved. The different methods through which we communicate is constantly changing. Now, the way we sleep is being revolutionized right before our eyes. The BedJet 3 is sleep technology that is able to hack your body’s natural sleep pattern to provide the optimal environment for a perfect night’s sleep. Just using the term sleep technology feels funny, but here we are. This new technology uses climate control as a means for creating the perfect temperature for you to enjoy sleep.

For a person like me, this is huge, because I am extremely hot natured while my wife wants to turn on the heater during the summer in Houston, Texas. This new technology will cool the bed for a person who sleeps better when they are cool and it will warm the bed for cold-natured people like my wife. Fortunately, this new technology can accommodate two different temperatures — one for each side of the bed. Personally, I need to be at 70 degrees or below to get a good night’s sleep.

The bed uses intelligent technology to determine when you are reaching your optimal sleep patterns and it keeps adjusting until it finds the optimal temperature for you.

The BedJet is very simple in design. There are not a whole lot of parts and machinery involved. Another thing that is immensely important is the fact that the cooling and heating mechanisms are extremely quiet, so there is no noise to interfere with your sleep. The system uses what is known as biorhythm temperature technology to determine the optimal temperature for a person to experience their best sleep and rest patterns. The system provides the capacity to program certain temperatures for each hour that you are sleep, allowing you to get to sleep faster and rest more soundly.

Here is another part that I found intriguing. Not only does the system put you to sleep, but it also wakes you up — making traditional alarm clocks obsolete. The system taps into your natural biorhythm and triggers a wake-up response that gently arouses you without abruptly startling you like a conventional alarm clock.

According to the designers behind this technology, the product is still evolving, meaning that they plan on offering more features and functionality in the future. They have already added WiFi connectivity to the latest model — meaning that the device can be connected to Alexa smart integrations and voice control. With this type of connectivity, you can literally adjust to your favorite settings with just a few words through the voice command feature on Alexa.

If you are tired of those stuffy summer nights where it is hard to fall asleep, BedJet is the solution that you have been looking for. Conversely, if you are a person who is dreading the cold of winter, the heating function on BedJet will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire winter. Whatever your ideal sleeping temperature is, the BedJet will get you there.

Trust me when I say that the BedJet should not be compared to your grandmother’s old electric blanket. The two don’t even belong in the same sentence, so forgive me for that. According to sources, it only takes 60 seconds to reach your ideal temperature. No more cold feet sounds like a good thing.

Now, here is my favorite part. The BedJet has dual zones that allow you to have one temperature on one side of the bed and a completely different temperature on the other side of the bed. This is ideal for me and my wife.

Another component of this equation that I did not initially consider is the fact that by managing the climate locally (in the bed), you can save energy by not running the central heating and cooling unit for the entire house. Why cool or heat the entire house when no one is in it. With something as simple as the BedJet, sleeping will never be the same, and I mean that is a very good way. It will be interesting to see the new technological additions that are added to the BedJet 4, but for now, there is plenty to appreciate with the BedJet 3.

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