20 Things You Didn’t Know about Belite Bio


Belite Bio is an American biotechnology company that specializes in the clinical stage of testing the drugs it develops to treat diseases. The startup made business news when it held its initial public offering on the stock market, opening the company up to investors on the public exchange. If you’re considering the addition of Belite Bio as a potential investment to diversify your portfolio, but you’re not familiar with it yet, here are twenty things you probably didn’t know about Belite Bio to bring you up to speed.

1. Belite Bio is a young company

Crunchbase confirms that Belite Bio is a relatively new company in the biotech industry. It’s been in operation for just four years. The organization was founded in 2018. If you’re hearing about Belite Bio for the first time don’t feel bad. it hasn’t been around for long and not that many people are familiar with the work that it conducts in the therapeutic arena. It takes landmark discoveries for some companies to become famous.

2. Belite Bio aims to help those without hope

The enterprise maintains a focus on developing therapeutics that target inherited previously untreated orphan diseases. Its targets also include drugs that can treat nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, age-related metabolic diseases, macular degeneration, and Stargardt disease. Belite Bio has undertaken the task of developing treatments for medical conditions for which there are no known treatments. Professionals working at the lab believe that there are secrets yet to be discovered that will make it possible to treat and possibly cure diseases that people have had to live with. Belite Bio is also researching treatments for some types of diabetes and liver diseases.

3. Belite Bio’s website is attracting new interest in the company

The analytics reports for Belite Bio’s website show that the number of monthly visits to the website has increased over the past thirty days. A total of 11,329 visits came to the site, creating a monthly visits growth increase of 124.6 percent. The website is ranked number 1,756,152 of the millions of websites registered on the world wide web. Belite Bio is the most popular in the United States with one hundred percent of the visitors from this country.

4. Belite Bio may help prevent blindness

Many older adults suffer from an age-related medical condition called macular degeneration. Belite Bio is in the third phase of developing an oral therapy to halt the progression of retinal degeneration diseases. These eye diseases were not treatable until now. The company has developed and tested a candidate treatment called LBS-008. It is an oral treatment that is used once per day. Belite is evaluating the treatment in patients in Taiwan and Australia with a phase 3 trial recently initiated to continue studies on human subjects in Taiwan, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, according to Renaissance Capital.

5. Belite Bio received a Fast Track designation from the FDA

Biospace reports that the United States Food and Drug Administration has granted Belite Bio a fast-track of designation for its candidate drug LBS-008. The designation is an expedition of the FDA’s process for reviewing the drugs that are candidates that have the potential to meet an unmet medical need. They’re given priority over many other drugs that are considered alternative treatments. Drug candidates that fall under the fast track category must meet the same stringent requirements for safety and effectiveness that are mandated by the FDA. the designation causes the FDA to hold more frequent meetings and communications that move toward the approval of the drug if it satisfies the strict criteria set forth. The process offers hope that there will soon be a treatment available for several causes of blindness that were not previously available for patients.

6. Belite Bio is learning more about the triggers of eye diseases

Belite Bio’s research and development component investigates the causes of eye diseases at a cellular level and beyond. They have learned much about the causes in their search to find treatments. The work is impressive and it is humanitarian. They work to understand the underlying pathophysiology of these diseases to find the keys that unlock the mystery of correcting the imbalances that lead to disease development. It’s a long and tedious process that involves careful analysis of what is currently known about the conditions and investigating the things that are not yet known. The next phase involves testing candidate compounds that are safe for humans, yet offer hope of correcting the problems.

7. Belite Bio is working to help people of all ages

Much of the research and drug development Belite Bio focuses on is for age-related conditions. It’s not the entire scope of the lab’s goals. They’re also working on solutions for medical conditions that afflict young children and people at all stages of life. The LBS-008 candidate therapy also holds promise for treating a retinal disease known as STGD1. it affects the vision of patients, and like many other diseases, there is currently no safe and effective treatment.

8. Belite Bio is nearing approval of LBS-008

Investors and patients around the world will be pleased to know that Belite Bio is getting closer to achieving the goal of approval for the LBS-008 therapy, thanks to the Fast Track designation The drug is entering its 2/3 phase of clinical trials in l2022. It’s hoped that the results of the 12 monthly treatment trial will yield significant results that will end in approval of the drug as a new and effective treatment for eye disease. It’s anticipated to complete the clinical studies in 2023.

9. Belite Bio has made significant discoveries in eye health

The information that Belite Bio has released about toxin buildup in the eyes of diseased patients is enlightening for the layperson. The Biotech firm explains that toxins buildup in the eye contributes to certain eye conditions. The toxins are byproducts of the visual cycle. Certain proteins transport retinol to the eye. When too much toxin is transported simultaneously, the disease develops. The therapy drugs developed by Belite Bio have the potential to modulate the amount of retinol that enters the eye and it reduces the development of toxins that lead to disease for healthier retinal tissues. The studies are fascinating, especially to patients and their concerned family members and friends.

10. Belite Bio’s candidate could save billions in healthcare costs

We learned that one of the leading causes of vision loss in the United States is Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration. there are over 11 million sufferers in the US with nearly 200 million patients throughout the world who face this ominous condition. The global cost of this healthcare crisis is about $255 billion. A treatment that either halt the progression, reverses, or prevents the disease will save billions in healthcare costs in the years ahead. Again, there are zero available treatments for these conditions. If Belite Bio hits its mark and provides an effective treatment it will be the first in the world to do so.

11. Belite Bio is a small biotech firm

LinkedIn shows that Belite Bio is a small company with a skeleton crew for its workforce. The company lists nine employees in its organization. Belite Bio announced the opening of one new job position at its San Diego, California headquarters. They’re actively recruiting for a clinical project manager.

12. Belite Bio employs a diverse group of staff

We were surprised to learn that the group of staff for Belite Bio do not all live in the United States. Three of the employees live in the Greater San Diego Area of the US. five live in Taiwan with 3 in Taipei City, and one lives in Melbourne, Australia. Belite Bio has scoured the globe to bring the finest minds in biotech together to solve the problems of finding new treatments.

13. Belite Bio staff have impressive educational histories

Belite Bio shares demographic information about its staff without divulging their names or other identifying information. Two of its workers studied at the London Business School. Two of the staff members graduated from EMBA-Global Asia. It’s a conglomeration of Columbia Business School, The University of Hong Kong, and the London Business School, and two studied at National Taiwan University. Two studied at Columbia Business School and one at Macquarie University. One of the employees also attended The Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney. Other institutions listed include Taipei Medical University, Tamkang University, the University of California, Berkeley, The University of Chicago, Harvard Medical School, the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego, and The University of Hong Kong. Some workers attended more than one institution of higher education.

14. Belite Bio went public

Globe-News Wire reports that Belite Bio entered into its Initial Public Offering on April 29, 2022, with a closing date of May 3, 2022. The company offered 6 million American Depositary Shares for $6.00 each. Underwriters were granted a 30-day option at the opening price to purchase an extra 900,000 ADs in the offering. The principal shareholder of Belite Bio is Lin Bioscience International Ltd, which offered an agreement to buy $15 million in ADs at the IPO. The expected proceeds from the IPO were $36 million.

15. Belite Bio ADs are available on the Nasdaq stock exchange

If you’re interested in Belite Bio stocks, they’re currently trading under the ticker symbol BLTE on the Nasdaq Capital Market. Seeking Alpha reports that Belite Bio’s stock soared in early May 2022 after it welcomed a strong IPO on May 3. The stock climbed sixty-five percent. Belite Bio doesn’t have much of a history to go on. Investors are pleased with the progress it’s made in its research and development of treatments for eye disease.

16. O’Melveny represented Belite Bio

Belite Bio’s recent IPO required a team of legal and financial professionals to accomplish. The underwriter for the IPO was The Benchmark Company. The O’Melveny legal team represented Belite Bio in its pre-IPO financings.

17. Belite shared its Bio on Behind the Bell

Belite Bio is a featured company that made its appearance on an interview series. Companies that leap into the public arena receive interviews that feature the founders, executives and CEOs live from MarketSite. The event takes place on listing day or some other milestone celebration of the startup. It usually happens right after the bell is rung for the opening or closing of the market. If you want to learn more about the Belite Bio biography, you can hear it from the top leadership in the company.

18. Belite Bio has a positive spot check

A spot check of Belite Bio stock shows a positive trend. Belite Bio stock is up 22.74 percent since the opening of the trading day. Shares are trading at an average of $14.95 per share, up from their IPO price of $6.00. Although the history is short, analysts are throwing their hats in the ring by suggesting they see just a 48 percent chance of the stock going into financial distress in the next few years. The returns have been solid, and the lowest price was the average at $14.95.

19. Belite Bio is entering a new phase

Belite Bio has come a long way, but more work ahead. The small staff is busy with R&D, and they’re continuing to analyze the data they produce with every new step in the clinical trial phase for their candidate treatment. With the infusion of $36 million from the IPO, they have more funds to work with, but from what we’ve seen, they’re not going to change the current size of the workforce. Belite Bio is nearing a new era in the company’s development with the possibility of a new drug entering the market in about a year. Approval of LBS-008 will signal a turning point.

20. Belite Bio is a company to keep your eye on

Belite Bio is just coming into its own. It’s still a young company, but the stakes are high for its research and development team. They’re doing everything right and moving in a positive direction for achieving their goal of developing the first treatment for several degenerative eye diseases. Belite Bio is trading on the public stock exchange. It’s worth discussing with your financial advisor or tracking its progress. So far, the stock appears to be a solid option for the next two years.

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