10 Things You Didn’t Know about Benedikt Sauter

When people think about Benedikt Sauter, the only thing that typically comes to mind is that they don’t really know that much about him. After all, there isn’t a lot of information that is publicly known about the CEO of Xentral. If that’s the case, how can people learn more? It all starts with learning more about his company and then expanding from there. Xentral is a software company that works directly with businesses who need to automate their customer information in order to streamline their operations. The idea is to provide better customer service through the use of the software as opposed to searching through endless files of hard copies or being forced to enter customer information manually. Now that you have a slight introduction to the company Benedikt Sauter currently runs, it’s time to find out 10 things about him that will allow you to get to know him better.

1. He’s relatively new to the world of entrepreneurship

He may be very good at creating companies that offer viable services but he hasn’t been doing it all that long. In fact, he only has one other startup under his belt, Embedded Products. The interesting thing to note is that both of these startups offer similar services, as they both deal with providing real time solutions to businesses using specialized software that can streamline day-to-day operations.

2. He’s used to doing most of the work himself

As far as the two startups he’s been involved with are concerned, he doesn’t have a lot of staff members to do things for him. In fact, he’s quite accustomed to doing the overwhelming majority of the work himself. Part of this is born out of necessity and part of it is because he prefers to do things a certain way. Doing the majority of the work himself, he knows that it’s done to his standards. He also knows that if something goes wrong, the responsibility for fixing it lands squarely on his shoulders.

3. He’s something of a tech wizard

Fortunately for him, he’s very good at coding and designing software programs. Obviously, these are two things that you have to be good at in order to create a startup that is associated with any type of software. In fact, being an entrepreneur in the tech industry can be rather brutal at times. However, he definitely has the intellectual knowledge to get the job done.

4. He works well under pressure

Like most people in his line of work, he says that he works best when he’s under a lot of pressure. He is one of those individuals that is actually excited by high-stakes business deals or deadlines that are rapidly approaching. He says that it brings out the best in him by increasing his focus and allowing him to perform his best work.

5. He enjoys cat-and-mouse games when the stakes are high

As such, he sometimes refers to the high-stakes world of entrepreneurship in the tech industry as a cat-and-mouse game, with everyone competing for a similar niche in order to see who can get there first. It’s something that would be too much pressure for some but for him, it’s something that he rather enjoys.

6. He knows how to convince people that he’s onto something special

Entrepreneurs constantly have to secure additional funding for their projects. Unless they want to save money for a seemingly endless amount of time or they are independently wealthy, securing funding is part of being an entrepreneur. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone actually enjoys this part of the process. Some entrepreneurs absolutely loathe it but Sauter thoroughly enjoys it. He says that he has a gift for being able to make people see his vision. Most people that know him say that he’s quite good at convincing people to provide funding, even if they are initially against the idea.

7. He developed the company with his wife

He and his wife developed Xentral together. In fact, they both work hand-in-hand within the company, along with their very small, tight-knit staff. In addition, the two are always working on solutions to make their products and services even better than they are today, helping business owners find solutions to some of their most challenging problems.

8. It all came from not being able to find the right software for their own project

The idea for this particular company came about in a rather interesting manner. He and his wife were working on another project and they couldn’t find anybody that could give them the software that they needed to integrate all of their files. No matter how hard they looked, none of the products that they came across were quite right. As a result, they decided that they would simply develop this software together and then market it. As far as they were concerned, there had to be other people out there that had similar issues so they would solve their problem by creating their own software to finish their project and then use those solutions to help other individuals while making money in the process.

9. He sees solutions where others don’t

Sometimes business owners just feel overwhelmed. Sauter, on the other hand, has a tendency to see a chance to make things better when something isn’t working very well. That’s one of the main reasons he became an entrepreneur in the first place. It gives him a chance to make positive changes in the world.

10. He looks for practical ways to make running a business easier

He finds ideas for his projects in the most obvious places. Typically, he only has to look right in front of him in order to see where something could be improved and then he takes action to start making those improvements. As opposed to spending a lot of time thinking about his next project, he simply looks for the areas where he or someone close to him is struggling with something. That is often the only inspiration he needs to get started. From there, it becomes a matter of problem-solving until the project is complete.

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