Benefits of Authorized: Avoiding the Grey Market

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Purchasing a watch – as a gift to yourself or for someone special – requires thought and consideration. Price range, brand, and design all come to mind when choosing the right piece. The first question to ask yourself is this: where am I going to purchase this watch? With an investment like this, especially when gifted to a loved one, it is important to consider the quality of the retailer.  Luxury Swiss watches are among the finest products made today, still utilizing the centuries-old highly refined skills of hand-crafted complicated movement. Swiss watches epitomize quality and durability; it’s not just a watch, but a treasured remembrance of an important milestone in life. The expense of these highly precise and powerful instruments warrants that they only pass through the hands of trusted professionals on their way to you, through the hands of professionals who have been entrusted by the Swiss watch industry to provide proper warranty, guidance, and care.   But what does it mean to be an authorized retailer? And why should you purchase your fine watch at full manufacturer’s retail price? Here are five benefits authorized dealers can offer.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Every fine watch brand offers an official warranty which guarantees against any material or manufacturing defect for a specific period of time. However, the warranty is only valid provided that the watch it relates to was sold by an authorized dealer and that the warranty card was fully and properly fulfilled by said dealer.  To receive coverage under international warranty, the consumer can claim protection by showing a properly executed warranty card to any authorized retailer or authorized service center.  In the worst-case scenario, a faulty timepiece covered by the warranty will be repaired free-of-charge or can be automatically replaced with a brand-new watch.  If a watch is purchased from an unauthorized reseller, any official brand warranty is completely invalid, meaning the consumer will be forced to pay for repairs that would otherwise fall within the warranty coverage.  All brands void warranties on products sold by unauthorized third parties, so there is no way for you to fight it, even if the product is genuine.

How does this benefit you, the consumer?  At an authorized retailer, you achieve peace of mind knowing that the full, valid manufacturer’s warranty is coming directly from the Swiss watch brands themselves.  If there are any manufacturing issues with a watch purchased from an authorized dealer, whether it be two days, two weeks, two months or two years after purchase, you have guaranteed coverage for yourself, or the special person who received the watch as a gift.


Authorized retailers must adhere to certain standards set by the individual brands. This includes the highest level of client care –  we place tremendous value on training our staff to provide unparalleled guidance across our entire portfolio of fine brands.  As an authorized, multi-brand retailer, we can compare an Omega to a Breitling diving watch as fluently as we describe the complications of a Zenith COSC-certified chronometer, and as articulately as we illustrate the hand craftsmanship of a Bulgari diamond-set solid gold case.

How does this benefit you, the consumer?  An authorized dealer’s knowledgeable staff knows luxury watches inside and out – from intricate movements to extraordinary one-of-a-kind designs.  We are equipped to provide top-notch service, answering any questions you may have throughout your journey. Buy from an authorized dealer and rest assured that no matter where you and your timepiece go, no matter what happens, your watch will always be covered.

Genuine Products

When purchasing a watch from an authorized dealer, you are 100% guaranteed to receive a genuine product. If a watch, regardless of the price point, is purchased from a retailer outside of the brand’s authorized retail network, there is no assurance that the product is genuine.  Some unauthorized dealers sell products with the serial numbers altered, or entirely removed, so that the original Swiss brands cannot track how they obtained these units. This voids the warranty. Some unauthorized dealers also sell “grey goods” or “parallel import” versions of Swiss watches. These are similar to what a consumer might find at an authorized retailer, but these were not intended for distribution in the USA. They lack the necessary importation documents and don’t meet United States regulatory standards.  Manufacturers will not honor the warranty on products that are not sold legitimately through their approved sales networks.

How does this benefit you, the consumer?  100% of our merchandise was obtained directly from the watch brands.  Every single watch is a genuine article, manufactured by the finest Swiss watch brands themselves and distributed legally to our network of prestigious jewelers.

Quality Repairs

As we mentioned above, if something should happen to your timepiece, you should know that your investment is protected. Authorized retailers are credentialed to provide in-house repairs, having gained full access to their many brands’ authorized service centers nationwide.  All service provided by these repair centers are 100% consistent with the manufacturer’s warranty. How does this benefit you, the consumer?  If you experience a warranty issue, authorized retailers’ staff and local ambassadors are ready to assist you and resolve it quickly, generally through an authorized repair center located at your local authorized jeweler.

Quick, Concise, and Trustworthy Service

Authorized retailers pride ourselves on building a rapport with all our valued clients, in an aim to keep them coming back for years, or even decades.  We achieve this by offering an unparalleled portfolio of brands with the best assortments, all in pristine condition. Other unauthorized retailers might list a particular model but are unable to confirm an order on the spot.  Instead, you’ll be told to place a telephone call to only learn that the retailer needs to acquire it for you (often with back-channel methods that are used to sell unauthorized goods.) How does this benefit you, the consumer?  Every watch is in stock and available immediately. You decide: would you rather pay money to have someone go out and then find the watch for you, or would you rather pay money knowing that you will have your watch within days, if not overnight.


Troverie is a small company, comprised of industry veterans, thrilled and humbled to be authorized by some of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands and to be partnered with the finest jewelers who have been providing exemplary service to their local communities for generations.  The best Swiss watch brands have selected Troverie because we share their vision of quality and service.  At Troverie, we are invested in every client and hope to craft a lifelong relationship.  Our reputation depends on it. Many of our clients come from word of mouth via our other satisfied customers, and we take tremendous pride in that.

Occasionally, unauthorized dealers manage to obtain these branded watches and offer the products to unsuspecting customers.  When an unauthorized dealer sells a fine Swiss watch, they are misrepresenting that brand’s timepieces. This adversely affects the industry as a whole and negatively impacts consumers.  If you have read this far, the risks of purchasing an unauthorized watch might seem clear, and  you might find yourself wondering how these unauthorized retailers exist. Unfortunately, they maintain beautiful websites and stores that look and feel as authentic as the ‘real deal,’ just as their watches do to the unsuspecting customer. And to top it off, they elect to cut prices (a reflection of their corner-cutting on quality).

There is a lesson here for all, especially when shopping for an expensive watch.  It’s not the absolute cost of the item; it comes down to how much value the item has to you and whether you are willing to risk that value versus the elevated service, expertise, warranty, quality repairs, and genuine product offering.

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