The Top 5 Adidas Tubular Models for 2018

If you are a sneaker fanatic like myself, you tend to catch all of the new designation phrases that describe different designs. One of the most popular models for the Adidas brand is the Tubular. The tubular design has actually been around for a while, but it is becoming more prevalent in the brand’s line up. Some experts see this particular model as a celebration of the history of the brand’s style and design, as well as a sneak, peek into the future of what the brand has in store.

According to sources, the tubular design is actually a revisit to design ideas from the past during a time when the technology did not exist to make those designs a reality. So, in essence, the tubular model is a retroactive expression of past designs.

The popularity of the tubular design is growing at a very rapid pace. To give you a look at what is hot now, we listed the top five tubular models for 2018.

Women’s MI Tubular Shadow

When it comes to the tubular design, the Shadow is a classic. The women’s original design is both, sleek and bold. From every vantage point, the shoe has a massive aesthetic appeal that is sure to get attention. As with most tubular models, the best assets of this sneaker is hidden in the intangibles, especially its comfort. The comfort is facilitated and supported by a highly innovative wrap closure. While the shoe pays homage to the rich heritage of the Adidas brand, it introduces a new edgy on the run-trainer that has become so popular over the last two decades.

Women’s Tubular Defiant

I know some of the guys are starting to wonder when we are going to list a men’s shoe. Give us a minute; we are going to get there. The reason that the first two spots went to women is that of the rising rate at which women are getting into the sneaker game, especially when it comes to running and training. The Defiant is as expensive or overstated as the Shadow, but it definitely exudes style. The sleek design, which is a mainstay with the tubular design is definitely on display here. This design is a fresh mix of femininity and fashion.

Men’s Tubular Dusk PrimeKnit

Okay, men, this design is not for the squeamish. It is bold in presence and appearance. It has all of the common elements that make up the tubular design. There are no noticeable seams and the core design is actually an extraction from a 90s running shoe prototype that never made it to production. This is that retroactive expression thing I was telling you about. The cushioning technology is actually based on car tires and suspension designs. It is amazing what the advancement in technology has opened up.

Men’s Deerupt Running Shoe

I have to admit that I absolutely love this shoe, and by the looks of it, I am not the only one. It is one of the most popular men’s tubular running shoes on the market currently. This shoe is definite proof that minimalism does not detract from boldness. The shoe is equipped with an ultra-flexible mesh upper that is completely covered in a unique style of stretch webbing that provides support and contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the shoe. The design is finalized by the EVA web-wrapped midsole — producing a highly geometric look. Of all the shoes on the list, this shoe has the greatest aesthetic value. It simply stands out without being overbearing — a difficult feat to accomplish.

Men’s Adidas Tubular X PK

This tubular design is the absolute and complete expression of tubular silhouette that Adidas introduced back in 2014. The high ankle support help facilitates agility, while the mesh upper with leather reinforcement provide comfort and support for almost every athletic activity you can imagine. As with all Adidas designs, the Tubular X PK makes a seamless transition from the training facility to the street. It is highly fashionable. And, while it definitely has a bold presence, it is simple and subtle enough to fit into almost any environment. This shoe is great for crosstraining and even basketball. You can quickly slide a pair of fashionable denim jeans and a t-shirt and take it to the streets.

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