The 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Jobs in 2019

Artificial intelligence – aka AI, or Machine Intelligence, is the intelligence of machines, namely computers which is the polar opposite of the intellectual capacity of animals or human beings. First postulated and becoming an academic discipline in 1956, this science has become serious as the years have passed and is now a real thing. All top businesses wish to remain on top of the competition, and for that to happen they need to remain aware of the trends around them in technology. Indeed, according to Business News Daily’s article on the top AI jobs in 2019 at the present time, companies are spending a great deal on new and emerging technologies which are appearing on the market to increase the efficiency of their work and improving the experience of their customers while staying competitive. Brad Fisher, the partner and data and analytics lead of KPMG said all businesses of all sizes are doing this.

But one of the biggest jokes out there is that robots are going to force human beings out of their workspaces, though many people are not laughing since this is a possibility though research is conflicted about how many positions are at risk from machines, automation, controlled by artificial intelligence. . Firstly, only fifteen per cent of companies use Artificial Intelligence today, but by 2020 that figure will have risen to an impressive thirty-one per cent. The global spending on Artificial Intelligence technologies is expected to increase to about $7 billion a year by 202, doubling the spending this year, which was about $2 billion. But Artificial Intelligence offers quite a few careers in this field. Here is a list of the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Jobs out there.

1. AI architect

It is believed that architects of Artificial Intelligence are vital for the growth of a business’ AI system. The job of an architect is to look at the processes of a business and then see what AI can do and where it can be implemented. According to Tech Republic’s article, the architect is also responsible for measuring the performance of the AI system and noting the sustainability.

2. AI product manager

An AI product manager works with different business teams who ensure solutions are made successfully while they’re implemented.

3. Software engineer

They are responsible for the writing, the debugging, and the maintenance of software which instructs the computers to perform their tasks. This is one of the jobs which can be self-taught, but most of the software engineers have obtained degrees in computer science. Software engineers will become important since they work with data scientists to bring the AI into production and make it work.

4. AI ethicist

AI is still a growing field, this particular job will become increasingly important. The article also states that business leaders will initially be the ethicist since they know their business and its technology. However, the job should belong to someone else who is responsible for setting the AI to uphold the company’s policies of ethics and standards and make sure they keep it like that. For instance, an AI ethicist working for a hospital would be ensuring the AI would ensure the patients were properly cared for and that any automated machines responsible for operations would function perfectly.

5. Machine Learning Engineer

Essentially computer programmers, Machine Learning Engineers are focused on programming machines to work for a company, at the same time their job is to go beyond building programs or apps. This particular job requires extremely proficient skills in software and is very hard to get hold of. A company will prefer a Machine Learning Engineer to have a master’s or a doctoral degree. They are usually found in aerospace and defense companies, financial firms, and technology companies.

6. Software Developer

Having an AI is one thing, someone still needs to be able to write the code to make it all work. Software Developers are responsible for the writing of software which supports the AI design, the ongoing development of the program, and how the AI systems are deployed in a business. Software developers are usually found in telecommunication industries, law enforcement agencies, healthcare and medical facilities, and defense.

7. Robotics Scientist

Most robotic systems require years of development and research to get them to the point they are now. That’s why the Amazon Alexa technology is sophisticated – scientists and programmers have been working for years to get them so advanced. Robotics has a wide range of uses – in defense, medicine, manufacturing, and security – it’s the responsibility of a Robotics Scientist to design and test the robotic systems and maintain them over time while human use ranges from only a small amount to a lot. Robotic scientists are preferably experts in engineering – robotic or mechanical – with a knowledge of mathematics, physical science, and computer design. They should also have knowledge of computer programming, as they will need to write computer programs and must also improve it as well over time. A Robotics Scientist needs a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering or robotics, or perhaps both.

8. Business Intelligence Developer

A more advanced Data Scientist, a Business Intelligence Developer is an expert in data and works with databases and software, while making sure IT solutions which are appropriate for a business are in place while researching and planning for solutions to any problem which can occur along the way. They create and maintain cloud-based systems to store data while they identify trends on the market and in business.

9. AI Research Scientist

With possibilities almost limitless, AI Research Scientists are responsible for studying and designing AI and machine-based learning systems to create solutions for a wide variety of applications, which is one of the reasons why the call for them is so high. They are usually experts in various fields in AI. The research scientists are responsible for applying the AI to business goals. Because they will be working on the AI up front and studying what AI can do for various fields, the prospects for AI Research Scientists are virtually limitless, and their work will develop the science for decades. As one of the most important roles in AI, they will mostly be expected to have either a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in computer science or one of the related fields.

10. Data Scientist

According to ERPIN News’s article on AI jobs, a Data scientist’s job is to analyse and interpret data while explaining how it can help business. This is one of those jobs, according to the article where a Data Scientist has to have a PhD or a master’s degree, usually holding degrees in statistics, math, economics, computer science. They usually make $161,890 each year and there are many jobs available. Data scientists follow numbers while examining large amounts of data, and making recommendations to improve a business.

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