The Five Best Beach Destinations in All of Greece

Greece is a beautiful and fascinating country to visit, regardless of whether you travel to the mainland or one of the islands. Some of the reasons people choose to visit Greece are its rich history, the wonderful culture, the cuisine, and the diverse landscapes. People also enjoy a stay in Greece to take advantage of the Mediterranean climate. When choosing where to stay for your vacation, one of the best options is a beach destination as these destinations give you access to everything the country has to offer and allow you to combine both the relaxing and fun elements of a vacation. If you are considering a trip to Greece, here are five of the best beach destinations you could choose for your vacation.

Kalathos, Rhodes

Rhodes is an amazing place to visit and one reason for this is its beaches. The south-east beaches are along the Mediterranean coast and are less windy than the north-west beaches. One of the best south-east beaches is Kalathos, which stretches along four kilometers. Although the sand is quite coarse, the water there is lovely. There are some quieter areas of the beach that are perfect for relaxation and others that are aimed at tourists and offer various watersports. If you want to stay close to this beach, the Atrium, Palace Hotel is a good option. This five-star hotel and spa resort is family-friendly and boasts excellent restaurants. Some of the activities available include tennis, mini-golf, and swimming in one of the novelty pools.

Iguana Beach, Crete

The island destination Crete has fantastic beaches right along its coastline, but Iguana Beach is possibly the best. It is one of the two beaches in Hania and boasts Blue Flag waters and thick sand. This beach is separated from the other, smaller beach by a headland and a cape with a little church. If you want to stay in accommodation that is within walking distance of this beach, two of the best offerings are the Athina Beach Hotel or the Sorta Apartments.

Velanio, Skopelos

Skopelos is a popular destination among tourists as it combines historic towns and villages along with beautiful landscapes and a stunning coastline. Those who choose to visit this island usually stay in Skopelos Town, and if you drive four kilometers south from this town, you will find Velanio. This is one of the most picturesque beaches. The waters are clear and bright while from the beach, you can enjoy views across to the neighboring island, Evvia. To take advantage of both this beautiful beach and Skopelos Town, you can stay between the two at Mando. This is a friendly lodging with a pool and room boasting balconies with sea views.

Vatera, Lesbos

Vatera is the longest beach on Lesbos island as it is seven kilometers long. It is a combination of pebbles and sand leading to the warm, clear sea. This secluded beach is a fantastic spot for relaxation and for enjoying the views of Turkey. Although this is a predominantly undeveloped area for people who want a peaceful holiday, there are some great places to stay. Two options include Aphrodite Beach and Vatera Beach Hotel, both of which have their own restaurants. There are also several other restaurants to try nearby that serve local and traditional dishes.

Pelion Peninsula

In a corner of mainland Greece lies the Pelion Peninsula, which is filled with small villages and interesting landmarks. This area is known for its wonderful beaches and has been described by many as the home of the secret beaches of Greece. If you stay in the Pelion Peninsula, you can take your pick of pretty beaches and visit a new one each day if you wish. Although many of the beaches in this part of the mainland are largely unknown to tourists, you may recognize Damouhari if you have ever watched the movie ‘Mama Mia!’. A fish taverna and a castle are two of the main features of this little cove. Another interesting beach to visit is Mylopotamus. This is two pebbled coves that are connected by caves, overhangs, and a rock tunnel. There are hotels to suit all tastes and budgets that are ideally located to make the most of the many beaches and the picturesque villages in Pelion Peninsula.

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