The Five Best Bluetooth Earbuds of 2018

Ever pull your earbuds out of your pocket, backpack, or purse just to find them in a wadded up mess? Of course you have! We all have! Unless you keep your headphone cables wound in a specific way or keep them in a special container, untangling them is what you get to do just about every time you want to use them. Arghhh!! It just makes you want to yell sometimes! It’s so frustrating! Want a better way? Try Bluetooth, or wireless earbuds. When opting for wireless, you’ll redefine the way you listen. Even if you’re on a budget, there’s a wireless earbud set for you. Here’s the five best bluetooth earbuds of 2018. There’s something for everyone:

1. Best True Wireless – Bose SoundSport Free

Bose is already a trusted name and it’s no different with this product. If you want completely wireless earbuds, Bose SoundSport Free is the way to go. These earbuds have an excellent Bluetooth connection, rarely losing your beat, so to speak. Bose brings to an earphones an clearness and intensity that can only be appreciated by earbud users. Since they’re not completely noise-canceling, they’re really great for any kind of use, even by joggers/bikers/walkers and others who need to maintain awareness of their surroundings. The SoundSport Free rests comfortably in the outer part of the ear canal, similar to AirPods. In addition, they come with three sizes of tips in order to have a fit for everyone. Getting around five hours of play per change gives you plenty time to get lots done while jamming to your favorite tunes. However, Bose gives you a carrying case for the wireless earbuds that also includes two more charges for a total run time of fifteen hours! These awesome earbuds aren’t cheap, but they’re Bose and worth it! These bad boys can be used anytime, anywhere, by anybody and come without any wires that may get in the way. If money isn’t an object, this is the best completely wireless Bluetooth earbud on the market!

2. Best for Budgets – Anker Soundbuds Slim+

Anker is probably a lesser known company, but it’s definitely one of the up-and-coming companies to know. Even though their products may not be listed on anyone’s best of the best list, their products are very consistent and come with a price most can afford. With a hook design, SoundBuds sit above your ear, which guarantees and more comfortable and secure fit. Furthermore, these earbuds come in both a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any ear. In addition, they’re made with a water resistant rubber material and weigh almost nothing; you’ll forget you’re even wearing them! However, you’ll definitely be jamming to the solid bass delivered by these earbuds’ 6mm driver. Nevertheless, being our budget pick, there’s also a downside as well. The battery only last about seven hours, so for those who use their earbuds when commuting or exercising, that will be more than enough charge. If you’re one of those who listen to their music pretty much all the time, it’s going to leave you lacking. The decision is up to you, of course. A couple more perks, though, are that these earbuds come with an eighteen month warranty and the company has excellent customer support.

3. Best Value – SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

If you don’t want to sacrifice anything when purchasing Bluetooth earbuds, but don’t want to fork out a lot of money, either, then you’re probably looking for the best value available. Look no further than SENSO Bluetooth Headphones. These earbuds may be exactly what you’re looking for. These earbuds are designed with simplicity in mind while maintaining a strong build. Additionally, these headphones are comfortable to wear as well. When it comes to sound quality, SENSO delivers true Hi-Fi sound complete with both booming bass and clear treble, perfect for whatever kind of music you decide to bump. The battery life for these earbuds is eight hours, plenty for whatever you’re doing, whether it’s exercising, commuting, or just tuning out the world.

4. Best Design – Beats BeatsX

The BeatsX earbuds actually had help from both Apple’s engineering and design teams in order to build these neckband-style headphones. The Flex-Form cable, or neckband, is lightweight, strong, and malleable thanks to it’s interior casement of two nickel titanium alloy wires. What’s unique about their design is that the 8mm drivers which are housed within the earbuds are magnetized, allowing you to stick them together when they’re not in use, wearing them like a necklace. Like Apple Airpods, BeatsX also enables automatic pairing with any iOS device. The battery life provides eight hours of listening pleasure. Additionally, if you need a quick fix, Beats gives you Fast Fuel, or fast charging, which can give you an additional two hours in just five minutes of charging time.

5. Best All Around – Jaybird X3

Last, but certainly not least on our list is the Jaybird X3. Although they’re not considered to be sports headphones, they still wick moisture away with its hydrophobic nano coating. They are super comfortable to wear everyday and are designed with silicone ear fins which allows securing them by attaching them to your ears. The 6mm drivers provide both bold bass and a great sound. Plus, you get Jaybird’s MySound App free for either iOS or Android for fine tuning the sound to your own preference. The easy-to-navigate remote has only three buttons, making it easy to use. You’ll also get eight hours of battery life from these earbuds as well. The X3 is the best set of earbuds all around, bringing the perfect combination of comfort and quality. When cost isn’t a factor and you want the best of the best, Jaybird X3 may be the earbuds for you.

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