The Five Best Budget Gaming Headsets on the Market

All serious gamers know that without excellent communication, all is lost. There’s no way you can properly raid a dungeon along with your guild if you were unable to hear and communicate effectively. Of course, there’s only one way to achieve the best communication, and that is to have the most effective gaming headset. Unfortunately, most gaming headsets out there will also cut a hole out of your pockets, but don’t fret. We’ve done the research and found 5 of the best budget gaming headsets you can use for all your gaming needs. These headsets are priced under $50 and are comparable to ones you might be inclined to pay double or even triple for.

Beexcellent Gaming Headset

Beexcellent Gaming Headset

If you’re just looking for a headset with basic features yet has excellent sound quality, Beexcellent’s gaming headset should be good enough for you. At around $20 per headset, you really can’t go wrong. The sound quality on these headsets is amazing for that price. The best part about it all is the fact that Beexcellent’s customer service is topnotch. In case your headset malfunctions in any way, the company will replace them with no hassle and with no extra charges. All the components of this headset works great. If you feel that the microphone might be too short, just know that it’s a stylistic thing and that it’ll still pick up your talking.

EUKYMR Gaming Headset

For $50, you can get a really sleek and cool looking headset with this EUKYMR Gaming headset. It absolutely has the looks, but this headset is way more than that. The speakers alone give you more bang for your buck with the full surround sound; and with ear pads made out of sports performance materials, you can guarantee that your ears will never get hot regardless of how long you play. The microphone is built to pick up 360° of noise, so you know you’re picking up the best sound as well. The headset is highly adjustable for your comfort, and it’s quite durable as well. All in all, this is an absolute great choice for gamers.

AUKEY Gaming Headset

Don’t let the price tag on this headset fool you; this is probably one of the best you’ll find in the market, and it’s only $15. While the entire component is made mostly of plastic, it’s got some benefits to it even though it might feel cheap. You’ll definitely appreciate the lightness of the headset at only 1.1 lbs. after so many hours of having it on your head. You won’t have to do any elaborate setups either with this AUKEY system. You’ll be able to get to gaming straight away regardless of what system you use including Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, and Android.

LOGITECH G430 Gaming Headset

This headset features large earpieces for a reason; they’re there to pick up all the smallest and most important noises that you’d want to from your games. They even feature a 90° swivel-action for your comfort. It’s all in the details after all. Although this LOGITECH headset may not seem like it has many on the outside, it’s got plenty of features that you’ll want. The microphone is built to eliminate background noise, so you’ll be communicating in a much clearer way compared to others. It’s only compatible with PS4 and PC, so if you have a console different from that you’re out of luck. The extra setup you might have to do is worth it though, so go ahead and download whatever software you might need. You won’t regret it.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

HyperX has produced a headset that looks and feels expensive with this Cloud Stinger, but it’s absolutely not. The plastic material of this headset definitely feel sturdier than most, and some other components of it are made of stronger materials such as steel. Even with that, the headset still feels completely light and cool, especially with the padded memory foam ear cups. These ear cups have a rotating capability of a full 90° as well. You won’t get full surround sound, but the stereo is extremely high quality. The microphone does incredibly well during chat, which is something verified by TeamSpeak and Discord. You might feel it’s a bit much at $50, but the quality you’re getting with this headset is worth at least that much.

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