10 Best Fossil Smart Watches Money Can Buy

Fossil Q Control

We are in the technological age and witnessing how far it is spreading to other areas, notably the fashion sector. In the apparel sector, we have the smartwatches, that aside from being a fashion accessory, they are also essential communication gadgets. They come with several functionalities such as internet access, call and message answering. One of the notable watchmakers is Fossil. They are famed for their standout watches which integrate fashion, functionality and durability. They have taken advantage of the smartwatch craze and also have their stock where you can get an excellent timepiece. If you have deep pockets, below are the ten bets Fossil smartwatches that you can buy.

Gen 5 Smartwatch – The Carlyle HR Dark Brown Leather

10. Gen 5 Smartwatch – The Carlyle HR Dark Brown Leather

To start the list of the ten best smartwatches from Fossil we have the Gen 5 smartwatch Carlyle HR featuring a dark brown leather strap. It is a durable watch that goes well in an executive style dressing fashion suitable for the office and formal events. It utilizes the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and supports a range of notification settings from email, texts, alarm and calendar. It also has a heart rate tracker, the same to a GPS tracker. It is compatible with the latest versions of Android and IOS operating systems.

Gen 5 Smartwatch Julianna HR

9. Gen 5 Smartwatch Julianna HR

A look at Fossil’s official site you get a hint of how amazing the Gen 5 smartwatch Julianna HR is. It is a unisex watch that comes with a load of features such as a heart rate and activity tracker. It is also swim-proof, and you can plunge into the swimming pool with it on your wrist with no risk of water damage. It is Bluetooth enabled and supports multiple time zones.

Fossil Sport Blush Silico

8. Fossil Sport Blush Silicon

If you are a sportsperson or love getting into an exercising session, then a sports watch is a worthy companion during your activities. The Fossil sport blush silicon is one such timepiece combining features of a smartwatch and a sports watch. Aside from the activity and heart tracker functions, it also has the Control Your Music function to get you into the perfect mood when exercising. Its silicone strap is durable and flexible, ensuring comfort when you don it.

Gen 5 Smartwatch Garrett HR Gold-Tone

7. Gen 5 Smartwatch Garrett HR Gold-Tone

To get that standout look screaming of sophistication with a hint of simplicity, the Gen 5 smartwatch Garrett HR gold-tone is the right wrist piece. Its golden hue has a touch of class, and it is a lovely timepiece to have for a casual occasion. You can personalize the dial, and it also has three battery modes to conserve its power.

Fossil Q Venture HR

6. Fossil Q Venture HR

According to Wareable, a smartwatch review site, the Fossil Q Venture HR takes the ranks as the best when it comes to the fashion aspect. It is a looker and takes on the appearance of a classic lady’s timepiece with a durable classy strap to complement it.mIt features a GPS tracker, waterproof qualities and can work with both Android and IOS operating systems. It is a versatile watch that you may also use when exercising courtesy of its heart rate and activity tracking functionalities. Put it on for a formal event to complement your skirt suit or any attire for a formal night out.

Gen 4 Smartwatch Explorist HR

5. Gen 4 Smartwatch Explorist HR

The Gen 4 smartwatch Explorist HR combines durability with some facets of versatility to give you a unique timepiece. It has a sort of masculine look that is fit for both sexes to exude a macho essence. Its versatility is evident when looking at its customizable dial and also compatibility with both android and IOS operating systems. The watchband is interchangeable, and you can tune it to a preferable look.

Gen 4 Smartwatch – Sloan HR Stainless Steel Mesh

4. Gen 4 Smartwatch – Sloan HR Stainless Steel Mesh

When talking of a smartwatch that hits the spot when it comes to simplicity, the Gen 4 smartwatch-Sloan HR with a mesh handle fits the bill. Its simplicity makes it quite adaptable to various styles you may want to pull from formal to casual. It features an in-built fitness tracker and alerts you of your notifications such as emails and text.

3. Fossil Q Founder Gen 2

If you want to achieve an executive look, then the Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 is the wrist accessory to get. It has that classic essence that comes to life when you realize it is also a smartwatch packing tons of functions. Its brushed steel straps add an element of durability as well as sophistication making the timepiece a suitable pair up with a well-cut suit. You can tune the strap to your taste and benefit from its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It features wireless charging, and it is also waterproof further boosting its longevity, relating to natural elements.

Fossil Q Control

2. Fossil Q Control

The Fossil Q Control timepiece makes it to the second place on the list due to its simplicity and adaptability. It has a simple design and a host of features that allows for its use both in formal, casual and sports settings. It has a heart rate sensor, which is fit for an exercising stint. It also features a wireless charging module with 24-hour battery life when fully charged.

Fossil Hybrid Neely

1. Fossil Hybrid Neely

Hybrid watches are some of the unique smartwatches, taking on the look of traditional watches but with the features of a smartwatch. It takes the top spot on the best Fossil smartwatches to buy due to its features encompassing extensive functionality, impressive battery life and durability. It is an excellent fashion accessory when you look at its unique appearance featuring a sturdy suede strap.  Among its supported functions include custom goal setting, sleep monitoring, receiving notifications from your watch and many more. You do not need to charge the watch with an estimated battery life of 6 months.


Smartwatches are a must-have and above are some of the best Fossil smartwatches to acquire when in the right financial position. The determining features include durability, supported functions, and being fashion sound. Visit Fossil’s official site to grab the right pick.

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