The Five Best Garage Door Openers on the Market Today

It is likely that you do realize the convenience that is associated with having a good garage door, especially if you have one in your home. Having the convenience of pulling your vehicle into the garage has numerous advantages. For instance, you can avoid the rain and such severe weather conditions when getting in and out of your vehicle. Additionally, it helps when you have heavy items or groceries to carry from your car. Even more importantly, keeping your vehicle inside the garage will prevent considerable damage on its body from hail, wear and tear, and other adverse types of weather.

Good garage doors are basically quick, quiet, are compatible with the home network and have some modern features installed in them. The best garage door opener for you is available in the market, and we shall highlight five of them here.

Liftmaster 8500

This garage door opener is packaged with everything you might require for installation. This package consists of the 888l Liftmaster wall control, power lock, remote light, and safety beams, and transmitter. This unit can be installed by a professional or can also be completed by people who have basic knowledge of how to install such equipment. This Liftmaster unit requires one to use front mount torsion springs while installing. This unit has twenty-four vault DC motor that runs quietly. Since this unit necessitates one to use wall mounts during installation, you do not have to use rails. This makes the process easier and quicker.

SOMMER Direct Drive 3/4 HP

This garage door opener prides in a very quiet motor that has no vibrations. This means that users can close and open the garage door without having to disturb other people such as close neighbors. The unit, additionally, comes with sufficient customer service from the manufacturing company and it is easy to install. The SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP garage door opener comes with an installation kit that is required to install the garage door opener. Additionally, the door opener is fitted with a rail for 8-foot doors. Included in the package, are two transmitters, with each having two buttons and one interior wall station.

Craftsman Chain Drive

This garage door opener prides in an HP motor that is quiet in operation but very powerful. Users are sure that garage door noises will not be a problem with this opener. This unit can be used both to replace an older garage door system or it can be applied as a new setup. Craftsman has manufactured this opener to suit any type of garage. It is easy to install, especially for people who have knowledge of domestic repair matters. The package includes two remotes that have been crafted for use with this garage door opener. The total package also includes a keypad for convenience while you attempt to control the garage door while you are inside the garage.

8500 Liftmaster myQ

This garage door opener comes with two operational remote controls so that the user can have one in his car for even more convenience. The remote controls have three buttons to easily control the doors. The easy to use remote controls have clips to ensure that you can attach them to your car without fear of losing them. Liftmaster includes a panel, in the garage door opener package, which can be easily fitted on your wall. The panel will enable you to control the garage door while you are inside the garage. The opener, moreover, prides in a powerful 24V motor that works quietly and quickly while closing and opening your garage doors. The system, in addition, has a safety beam that can stop the doors if any object comes in their path.

Genie ChainMax 1000

This garage door opener is fitted with a 140V motor that promises less vibration and noise during operation. This garage door opener has a reliable chain drive system that has been crafted to ensure durability. Moreover, the system requires very minimal maintenance: you do not have to oil the chain system. For even greater convenience, this door opener has two remote controls. This means that you can have in your car and the other in the house.

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