Ranking The 20 Best Investment Apps of 2021

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Investment applications are convenient services for learning more about publicly traded companies for investors. They offer general information for those considering the best additions to their investment portfolios. Some investment apps cover a broad range of companies or industries while others are company-specific. You will find two types of investment apps on the market today. Some are native apps and others are designed with an HTML5 format. We offer a compilation of the twenty best investment apps for 2021 with a ranking from worst to best, to help you find the best solution for learning more about publicly traded companies you’re considering.

20. Stash

Bank Rate recommends the Stash app as one of the top twenty for 2021. This app is good for anyone interested in access to investing with banking services. it also provides education about financial terms and their meanings. The unique features of this app include fractional share investing, the Stock-Back Card, and automatic investments made through the Smart Portfolio feature that allows you to round up, and set schedule transfer. It also provides portfolio analysis and recommendations. With this app, you can build your portfolio of ETFs, bonds, and stocks while receiving personalized financial guidance. you also receive a bonus of $5 to invest after you make a minimum deposit of $5 or more. The subscription fees range from $1 to $3 or $9, with $0 trading fees.

19. TD Ameritrade Investment App

The TD Ameritrade Investment App charges a rate of $0 for online commissions for US exchange-listed ETS and stocks. Some exceptions and service fees still apply with the app. You need $0 to open your account on this app. it provides education for the terms you need to know for investment along with tools that are customized to meet the needs of all types of investors. You also have access to expert support when needed through this app. Online equity trading is on a zero-commission basis through the TD Ameritrade app. You also receive Thinkorswim patented charting and analysis tools.

18. Interactive Brokers app

This app provides users with an interactive gateway to the world’s markets. The commissions for trading begin at $0 with some available for no fee, and others set at low commission fees. You get fractional shares and margin loan rates that range from 0.75% to 1.6%. You can also earn extra income on your fully paid shares. The app gives you access to more than 7,700 no transaction fee funds and over 40,000 funds with low transaction fees. The technology is designed to optimize the speed of trades and the efficiency of the trading process with global investment in 135 markets throughout 33 countries in 23 currencies.

17. Fidelity Investment app

The Fidelity Investment App is best for traders who have a little more experience with the terminology. It allows you to trade fractional shares at Fidelity for low commission rates, Zero commission fees for US ETF and stock trades, and a $0 minimum deposit balance to get started. When you make a deposit o $50 or more, you receive a $100 bonus when you use the code FIDELITY 100. You also get free independent research education from over 20 expert providers.

16. Marcus by Goldman Sachs App

The Marcus by Goldman Sachs App has a 0.35% advisory fee with the expertise of global investment professionals. It helps you develop your investment strategy with seasoned pros. The app offers the Tax-Smart Management tool to help you sell the assets with the lowest possible taxable gains first to lower your tax bill for the year. You must open your account with this prestigious firm with a minimum of $1,000. The app monitors your portfolio daily. you receive automatic rebalances of the account that keeps you abreast of the progress and help you stay within the boundaries of your established goals. You can choose from a variety of professional investment strategies through this handy app.

15. Public.com Investment App

Consumer Advocate Org recommends the Public.com investment app for beginning traders. The app allows you to begin your investment portfolio with as little as $1. They offer a signing bonus of $70 in the form of a free slice of stock. You get the option of trade slices or fractions of shares with investor chat options available to collaborate and share ideas. This app has $0 trading commission fees.

14. Trade Station App

The Trade Station App gives you access to asset trading, IRA, and brokerage accounts with $0 charges on commission fees. It’s available as a mobile app or on the desktop platform. There are no minimum funding requirements for using this app. You also receive a market insights information platform to learn more about investing.

13. SoFi Investment App

The SoFi Investment app allows you to trade ETFs and stocks with no commission fees charged. you can purchase fractional shares of selected stocks with prices as low as $5. This versatile app also allows you to make your first crypto trade and receive $10 in bitcoin. You can trade Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Etherium, and other types of cryptocurrency. It also allows you to make investments in IPOs before the opening day of trading for newcomers to the stock market. You also get unlimited access to the expertise of financial planners and more.

12. Robinhood Investment App

The Robinhood investment app allows beginners as well as more seasoned traders to open an account with no minimum amount requirements. It’s is an online and mobile account management app that charges $0 trading fees. it allows you to easily trade stocks, options, and much more. Robinhood is one of the most popular apps because it’s easy to use and the platform is straightforward. Users may access the app after opening an account from their smartphones for mobile use or from a desktop.

11. Invstr App

Bankrate Investing recommends the Invstr app as one of the best apps to help beginners learn the basics of investing. This is an educational app that helps investors to get into stocks by combining a fantasy stock game with the management of a $200 billion virtual portfolio to learn the ins and outs of investing through a fantasy scenario. Users also have access to the thoughts investors have on stocks and other investment products. The app also allows you to invest your own money into the stock market.

10. Vangurd Personal Advisor App

The Vanguard Personal Advisor app is a customizable app that provides investors with guidance about investing that is both understandable and actionable. It helps you learn how to make the best choices in investing. This is a professional financial advisor app that assists with asset allocation and rebalancing with financial planning services.

9. Vanguard Digital Advisor

The Vanguard Digital Advisor app is designed for investors who wish to receive professional investment advice. It is for investors who are saving for retirement and wish to develop an automatic portfolio with diversified ETFs and low fees. Through the app, you may access advisement for personalized retirement goals and planning, debt payoff strategies, and a low-cost Robo-advisor.

8. Acorns Investment App

The Acorns Investment app costs between $3 to $5 per month. It’s an app that helps simplify investing and saving. Some of the best features include learning about smarter banking, how to invest spare change, saving for retirement, earning bonuses, and much more. Every purchase you make can result in another investment into a diversified portfolio by rounding up and investing the change. It also offers automatic savings and investment banking with no hidden fees.

7. Bitcoin IRA App

The Bitcoin IRA app is one of the most highly recommended IRA cryptocurrency platforms. It helps you to invest in a range of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others. The self-trading platform lets you buy and sell crypto 24/7. It’s a secure app with $100 million in Custody insurance with benefits of earning up to 6% on cash and crypto into your IRA with tax-advantaged investing options explained and available.

6. Gemini Investment App

The Gemini Investment app charges fees that vary by product. It helps you invest in various cryptocurrencies inside your retirement account. Like Bitcoin IRA, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the self-trade platform that operates 24/7. You earn the same 6% interest peak on cash and crypto in your IRA with tax-advantaged investing options and $100 million in custody insurance to protect your assets.

5. Axos Investment App

The Axos Investment app charges $0 commission fees with varied trading fees. This platform is among the most user-friendly with all the tools that you need to place trades at any time, from any location where you have internet access. The equity and exchange-traded funds as well as over 10,000 mutual funds available are commission-free. Inaugural traders receive a $150 bonus for joining. A deposit of $2,500 is required to start trading. You will also have the option of upgrading your account to Axos Elite to get lower fees, increased buying power, enhanced knowledge of the market, and instant access to funds.

4. Wealthbase Investment App

The Wealthbase Investment app is recommended as the best for beginners who are new to investing. It is one of the most recent apps that provides a user-friendly platform with a game format that helps you play with friends to learn everything you need to know about the stock market. It is a stock simulator that helps you learn at your own pace to figure out how to become an expert trader. This app provides a stock simulator as well as crypto-trading simulators to help you learn the ins and outs of the current trends in investment trading. The app is available in mobile or web versions.

3. Wealthfront Investment App

The Wealthfront investment app is a more sophisticated approach to portfolio management. It is one of the biggest independent Robo-advisors in the world today. There is a small fee charged for money management that includes low-cost ETFs to build your portfolio, and options for setting the amount of risk you prefer to take with your investment portfolio. You determine when you will need to withdraw funds and the Robo-investor chooses the most appropriate ETFs to invest in that align with your investment and payment goals. This app automatically adds money deposited to your portfolio with account balancing included to help you reach your established goal.

2. Betterment Investment App

CNBC recommends the Betterment Investment app as the top pick for automated investing. This app provides a secure site for digital investing with a $0 minimum balance requirement. If you’re a large investor you can upgrade to the Premium Investing app with a $100,000 minimum balance required. The fees vary following the investment vehicle you choose. You have plenty of options to choose from. The annual account fee for digital investing is 0.25% of the balance of your fund with Premium investors charging an annual fee of 0.40%. You receive a year of free management service when you satisfy the qualifying deposit within 45 days of signup for new individual investment accounts. The Robo-advisor helps you with stocks, bonds, ETFs, and cash. It also provides educational resources to help you plan for your retirement.

1. Webull Investment App

The Webull Investment app charges fees that vary depending on the vehicle for the investment you choose. It offers commission-free trading with no minimum account balance required to open an account or begin investing. You have a choice of multiple investment vehicles to meet your skill level and investor needs. When you open your first Webull brokerage account, you get a free stock, with a second free stock when you choose a direct deposit for any amount into your account. You have the investment options of options trading, fractional shares, ADRs, IPO, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs. It also includes educational resources.

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